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What Makes A Frock Coat Different From The Other Coats

Frock Coat
The name Frock Coat often makes us imagine a coat with flares and gatherings much like a women’s long dress. But it is not so. It is often worn by men who belong to the kingly class. This style was very popular during the time of King Edward and the Victorian era. It has an elegance and dignity that makes a man look like a prince or one belonging to the noble class.

Features of the Frock Coat
A Frock Coat is a long-sleeved coat that is stitched well to give a well fit to the wearer. It goes down to the knee and the buttons run down full length till it reaches the bottom flare. You will get both the double breasted and single breasted coats in this variety. They are mostly suppressed around the waist so that the waistline is clearly visible. There is a vent also at the back. Apart from the cut of the coat, other features include decorative and stylish buttons at the back like the modern designer ones. The latter half of the coat takes a different turn. It has an inverted conical shape after the waist as the flared out skirt gradually falls over the legs. However some features of the modern Frock Coat are different from the original Edwardian coats. These characteristics are the lapels and the reverse collars. The lapel has an outer edge that is cut out from the cloth that makes the main body of the coat.

The waist is also suppressed to a larger extent that makes the diameter around the waistline lesser as compared to the chest size. This cut is achieved by special stitches like the horizontal seams in the waist which are the extra panels of material pulled in to enhance the cylindrical shape of the apparel all the more. The frock coat is mostly worn as a formal wear like the lounge suits with slight differences. The double-breasted coats are examples of the formal wear and has peaked lapels. The frock coat with single breast is considered as an informal clothing the main characteristic being the notched lapel.

Fabrics of the Frock Coat
The fabrics of this type of coat were mostly wool, silk, linen and cotton and also a blend of the different kinds of thread. You will see also the plaid and striped materials. The lapels were bordered with silk thread and the embroidered cuffs created a unique design that was extraordinary and something special to make it outstanding. Ivory and metal buttons were used to bring the richness and royalty of the coat. For extra embellishments pearls and horn-made items are also used to show off the style. Everyone dreams of looking elegant and graceful at all times. This wonderful Mens Frock Coat is worn by both men and women around the world not only as a fashion wear but also to keep oneself warm You will get a good stock of this coat at our stores. So log on to our site and see what you like.

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