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Convey Mystery With A Full Length Trench Coat

A full length trench coat is a staple in detective novels and classic movies because it consistently conveys a particular meaning about the wearer. Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, and Alan Ladd lead the film noir genre with a single, simple, and dependable clothing item - the full length trench coat. Even now, it is still considered a cinema staple. Featured by the main character in the recent Blade Runner remake and countless celebrities on the streets of major cities, the full length trench coat is a classic must have.

Trendsetters may reinvent the coat in different fabrics and textures, but no matter how Hollywood and fashionistas try to reimagine it, the trench is a rugged reminder of protective strength and romantic heart-aches. We see this item casually featured as a concealment tool for those who present themselves as mysterious and yet the look communicates vulnerability because of the association with Hollywood's tragic love stories. The full length trench coat may just be outerwear to some, but for those who understand the rich history of this classic it is a staple and a statement.

Women have been participating in the trench coat trend for decades but this look will only ever truly belong to men. Unlike women's hemlines, necklines, and beelines to new fashion finds, mens fashion boasts few upsets worth owning other than the classic mens trench coat.

Wool trench coat men are classic for a reason
Wool is a favorite in military and outdoor applications because of its ability to keep the wearer warm. Wool trench coat men are used in dress or casual events. Often abandoned these days for less bulky, more tech-savvy recreational fabrics, wool trench coat men are still a classic coat textile and it's clearly here to stay.

While trench coats are a classic way to convey a mysterious air onto the wearer, the true mystery is how this classic closet must have, the seemingly plain trench coats, remain an important staple for a century now. Desired and donned by both men, the trench coat is simply worth the investment.

If you can only invest in one coat, make it a trench coat. Anyone who is fashion savvy enough to think about investing in their wardrobe knows that you spend money on the classics and merely indulge in the occasional trend. The trench coat is certainly one of those investments that will pay off in the long run because the look won't ever die.

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