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Gator Shoes For Men- Elegant Gator Shoes With Suits
Mensusa Gator Shoes For Men- Elegant Gator Shoes With Suits Purchase a pair of gator shoes for men to go with your milano suits. offers a variety of textures and styles to choose from.

gator shoes for menYou might be surprised with how much your shoes say about you. They make a statement. When you are trying to go for an elegant look, the last thing you want to do is shatter your sophisticated image with the kind of shoes you are wearing. Whether you have heard of them or not, alligator shoes are one kind of shoe that you can elegantly wear with whatever formal apparel you desire, as long as you choose wisely.

Gator shoes for men, as you can probably guess, are made from the hides of alligators. Alligator hide is both tough and durable, which means if cared for properly (kept dry and cool, so don't get them wet or leave them out in the sun too long) you can keep a pair of alligator shoes looking good for a long time. A large benefit of paying a bit more for a quality pair of alligator shoes is comfort. Alligator shoes are lined with soft leather on the inside, which means you'll almost be walking on a cushion of comfortable fabric. Alligator shoes come in a variety of styles and textures, so you are not limited to just one style or type. Since alligator shoes in themselves are considered a luxury item, take the time to browse and select the exact style and texture of alligator shoe you want. Then you can move on to deciding which suit you are going to wear with them.

Have the alligator shoes but aren't sure what to wear with them yet? You can dress up any already semi-formal outfit with a pair of alligator shoes, as long as you know the basics. Wearing alligator shoes give you a sophisticated, polished look, so you can wear them with any suit you already own. What is key to pulling off the alligator shoes to the most of their potential is to match your accessories with your shoes. So instead of just wearing your alligator shoes, find an alligator belt or a watch with an alligator band that matches your shoes perfectly. You can also match your tie to your alligator shoes as well, as long as you pick relatively the same hue as your alligator shoes to finish off the look. Alligator shoes are not quite like any other shoes or form of shoe leather you will find. If you take care of them they can last you a long time, which is good if you are willing to invest in the pricier shoe but don't want to replace them frequently. Here is how you can dress up your outfit by wearing a pair of alligator shoes, and the types of formal wear that are acceptable to pair with the next pair of alligator shoes you decide to purchase.

Royal blue suit- a great way to stand out

Royal blue suits are a great way to stand out because their color is so vibrant. If someone looks your way, they will not miss you because you will probably be the only one in a royal blue suit, and that is a good thing. Add to the ensemble your finest pair of alligator shoes and you will be the finest looking man in the room.

If you have a dark pair of alligator shoes, you can go with a suit that is royal blue or another darker but still noticeable color suit. Don't forget your belt, watch band and tie.

Milano suits- more sophisticated look

You can wear milano suits or a nice tux if you want to, but if you are going for a very formal look, it is probably best to stick with a darker, more neutral color of alligator skin. Alligator shoes come in many colors and styles, but with formal wear, darker is usually better.

If you have a nice pair of alligator shoes and aren't quite sure how "formal" you can get with them, keep in mind that alligator shoes are exotic leather. So if you have already made the decision to wear them, you are going to have to go all in with the rest of your outfit as well. Never underestimate the styling power of a high quality leather shoe. While alligator shoes are more on the expensive side, they will be more than worth the investment if you choose to purchase them. Not only does the durability of the alligator leather mean your shoes will last a long time, but there are also plenty of ways you can wear them and pair them with other accessories. Alligator shoes are unique in that they have a very defined and noticeable texture, but in purchasing them you have plenty of options as far as the type and style of shoe and the texture you prefer. When you show up to your next formal event in your suit, alligator shoes and matching belt and tie, you will be glad you made the decision to go all in and arrive in style.

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