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Here's How You Can Stay Stylish And Warm During Winter With Long Overcoats

 James Bond Tuxedo
An Overcoat is a type of long coat intended to be worn as the outermost garment, which usually extends below the knee, men's overcoats are most common in winter when warmth is more important. Top coats and Overcoats together are termed as outer coats too. Over coats are made from heavier cloth or fur. As for winter it's a bit tougher and takes a little effort to remain stylish during winter months, it is very possible and with little style tips you can get this look very easily.

Don't go for multiple colored Coats; keep it simple with one color scheme Overcoats that will go well with your Formal or Informal outings.

Things to know before you buy a Long overcoat for winter:
The Obvious reason for buying long overcoat is to keep you warm, so make sure you try a perfect and comfortable fit coat and that makes you look great too. Woolen Overcoats, These are without a doubt Overcoats made from Wool last the longest since the fabric is thick and more durable, if you are planning to wear an overcoat that is only worn during winters then make sure you buy a good quality overcoat that will last you for years, make sure to check it's made of 100% wool fabric only.

 White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos

Cashmere coats
These coats are soft and warm but they usually show the wear on the cuffs, collars and they are a bit expensive on your pockets too, they need a little more than maintenance as the folds might me more comfortable for moths to rest in. So go for a blend Overcoat that is of wool and cashmere blend, it's more durable and might not be that expensive as the original Cashmere ones.

Chesterfield Overcoats:
above knee length, Single breasted fly front, Short Notch Lapel, Straight side pockets, no cuffs, single back vent and plain back.

 James Bond TuxedoCovert Coat:
Designed for Hunting and outdoors, notched lapels, single breasted, centre vent, poacher's pockets, collar is either covert or velvet.

Trench Coat: Timeless and can be ideal as a rain coat too.

Paletot Coat:
A shorter overcoat with good fit and double-breasted suits or Single-breasted with pleats and without pockets, peaked lapels, with flat back without a belt.

Guard Coat:
Similar to Paletot with only exception it has a half belt in the back and it can be buttoned with three or just two buttons.

Ulster Coat:
Rather long and big, double breasted with 6 to 8 buttons, best for cold weathers and has contrast stitching. Made from heavy durable Donegal tweed, adjustable belts.

Polo Coat:
An American Classic made from tan-colored camel hair a blend with woolen, half belted or full belt, 6 or 8 buttons, patch pockets, peaked lapels with optional cuffs.

Having said so the best and the ultimate Overcoat that stands out is the American Polo Coat, that's considered a legend, if you want to stick to the classic and don't want to experiment much then a Polo Over coat is the best option as it is specially made from camel hair fabric and has the awesome golden-tan color.

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