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Hollywood Suits

The trends in men's fashion have an irrefutable connection with the Hollywood. The stars and icons of the Hollywood are never due in creating the styles that soon catch on to be the trend. This is also true for the formal clothing of men which is the suits. Some styles of suits should attribute their popularity to Hollywood. Today in this article we are going to discuss about some of the iconic Hollywood suits and how best to style them.

Mens suits is a clothing that has long been in history. And it was also one of the major clothing that men followed for centuries. Therefore Hollywood was sure to pick up the trends and some cases create the trends from a very early time. While the styles that our favourite movie stars rock on the screen are a treat to look at there are only some styles that we can imitate in our daily lives. There are many factors that should be considered while styling the Hollywood suits like it's style, body type and most importantly the cost. The men on the screen have their own stylists and would spend thousands of dollars on a single suit without blinking. But that is not the case with us and therefore select the ones that suit your body and budget. While we take on all these filters there are only some styles that look fantastic and at the same time are affordable. So today we borrow some of the iconic styles of Hollywood suits which we can easily imitate.

Let us start with the ultimate favourite of all suit donning men. The James Bond suits. The James Bond suits are one of the best picks if you want a style of Hollywood suits that you can style without much effort. The grace with which Daniel Craig plays the character and the ease with which he moves around in suits are addicting to watch. The James Bond Hollywood suits have always had a special place in men's fashion styles. While most of the James Bond suits are designed by Tom Ford you can just take the stylish factor from the suits without thinking much about the cost. For example, most of the James Bond Hollywood suits are gray since gray is one of the best colors to choose when you need blending in. Also while most of the suits that he wears are all same the minute detail changes is what makes the look iconic. If we have to choose a particular part where his dressing style is impeccable the James Bond of Skyfall scores the most. The James Bond Hollywood suits are the ones that you can easily incorporate in your daily wear say for office or any other events. All you need is to select the suit and then get the fit of the suit right. The main thing that you will note in James bond suits is that the man always wears suits that fits him perfectly. Therefore fit of the Hollywood suit is an important point to keep in mind. Another style of iconic look that you can get from James bond is the /Hollywood beach suits look.

The next Hollywood suit style that we are going to discuss is the one that the character Frank Bullitt wears in the film Bullitt. The actor Steve McQueen who plays the lead character in this film is the one who gives a lot of inspiration for the mens fashion and is considered to be one of the timeless examples of masculinity. There are a lot of films in which he looks great but Bullitt is probably one of the best when it comes to suits style. In a particular look Steve sports a herringbone tweed jacket that has V shaped pattern on it. The cut of the jacket is long and loose and had soft shoulders. Steve looks effortlessly cool and rugged in this tweed jacket style which is usually considered to be one of the hardest styles to pull off. The jacket that he wears has three buttonholes but only the middle one is intended to be used. The topmost button hole is almost impossible to see since it is sewn inside the lapel roll of the jacket. But in the film Steve rarely buttons the jacket. As for the color of the outfit the jacket that he wears is dark brown and he wears this with a midnight blue rollneck sweater. The pants that he wear are slim fit corduroy pants and he completes the look with a suede lace up boots. This is a modern outfit that you can sport for the smart casual looks. You can try out new colors like gray jacket for a more formal look. This is a proper winter look since the tweed jacket and the rollneck sweater both aids the wearer with keeping off the cold winds. Make sure that the sweater is not too tight or too chunky since it can easily give you a bulky look when paired with a tweed jacket. The charcoal corduroy pants gives a rugged textured look to the whole outfit. To further enhance this Hollywood suits style you can pair it with a camel coat, a pair of sunglasses and a silver watch.

The next movie from which we are going to see the Hollywood suits is an iconic movie that many men want to don on suits. We are talking about the The Kingsman secret service. This movie revolves around a secret agency that operates under the fake front of a tailor shop at Saville Row. The men in the film live up to their show by wearing a lot of beautiful suits that make us want to dress like them. There are a lot of different styles of Hollywood suits that you can pick from this film. Most of the styles of Hollywood suits that are spotted in this film are double breasted suits which you can wear to the most formal events like business meetings and evening dinners. Also many of these suits are patterned like pinstripe double breasted suits which makes them look classic.

Anyone who would have watched Oceans eleven could not deny the magnetic pull that George Clooney has. The man never fails to impress and this is something that every man can learn from him. The Hollywood suit that we are going to talk about is the one that he wears during his iconic entrance in the elevator. In this scene he sports a a brown houndstooth single breasted sports coat that he pairs with a pair of dark brown flat front trousers. The jacket that he wears is notch lapeled with a ventless back and 2 button front. As for the details it has 3 button cuffs and jetted hip pockets. He pairs this style with a brown shirt. This is a style that you can easily wear to your regular office day. For a more refined look you can add sunglasses and a leather strapped watch. Go with formal dress shoes in black or brown since both colors tend to work well with the outfit. In this he sports a grating hair with facial hair that gives him a complete tugged look.

The next iconic movie that turned the tide towards the suits fashion especially the ones in the 1930s is The Great Gatsby. Though this film came out in the recent times it created a great fan following for the suits that were famous during the 30s era. The main lead of the film Gatsby is a one who loves to dress up and show of his wealth and this shows in the suits that he wears. The thing with this film is that the Hollywood suits that the characters wear in this film are designed carefully to match their personality and status. For example as we said before Jay Gatsby is a wealthy man who likes to dress up and all through the film he is dressed in the best possible suits that you will ever see. The details of the suits that he sports are also on point in every scene complete with the ties, French cuffs and collar bars. The next character is Nick Carraway and he expertly portays the middle class man look. The suits that he wears are nothing like the one Jay Gatsby wears. The colors of the suit and the detail on it like the removable collars all match his middle class status. Another iconic character that steals the screen even when he is a cameo role us the Meyer Wolfshiem. The Hollywood suit that he sports in this scene is also widely popular. He wears a double breasted wool suit with wide lapels and a wide tie. He pairs this Hollywood suits with a off white trilby which makes him look still more powerful. The contrast of the look produced when he wears a dark red tie and pocket square that are of different patterns makes the look iconic. The contrast of it on the light gray suit and the white collar shirt gives a dapper look. This is a style to choose if you love to dress in /vintage Hollywood suits.

The next character that we are going to talk about almost has zero haters and is one of the character who has a large fan following all over the world. Tony stark as iron man was impeccable and why not draw inspiration from one of the best dressed men of the century. The type of /Hollywood style suits that Tony sports all speak of his character. The suits that he wears in the movies changed with the progress in his character. For example in the earlier movies he mostly went with flashy styles like pairing the Hollywood suits with red shirts but with time he became a more restrained dresser. However red is his signature look in the Hollywood suits that he wears and you can still see it in small details like ties and pocket squares that is if you squint. The movie that we are going to discuss now is the Spiderman homecoming. In this movie he is seen in many scenes wearing Hollywood suits. If you want to dress like Tony stark Hollywood suits then it is best to go with contrasting colors. He seems to love pinstripe suits and it definitely works in his favor making him look taller. Also you can see him going with bold patterned ties and pocket squares in his Hollywood suits which denotes the power dressing factor. Tony stark Hollywood suits are the best when you want to attend some special events in which you don't mind standing out. Also all the Hollywood suits of Tony stark mostly suits small men. When going with the Tony stark Hollywood suits look make sure to include details like tie bar, cufflinks and a big sports watch. Always go with black or brown dress shoes that complete your power dressing. As for the hair keep it on the longer side with it styles back with hair wax.

The thing with Hollywood suits is that you can get iconic looks that you normally won't think to get. If you are thinking of trying some of these Hollywood suits look then first decide on the one that would suit you the best. Then try searching for the outfits in the same style in the / Hollywood suits store or /Hollywood suits outlet that would match your budget. When shopping for Hollywood suits it might be a better choice to go with online shopping since you will be able to browse through a lot of styles in a very short amount of time. In these online sites sometimes there will be a /Hollywood suits sale in which you can get the Hollywood suits style of your desired pick at great deals. It is also best to know about the styles of /Hollywood suits near me so that you can easily purchase the ones that will be readily available in the area that you live in.

It is very important to color coordinate your attire and wear colors that suit you. If you are a soft and demure person, and you decide to wear loud, contrasting colors, it is likely that you will not look your best. Black is considered one of the most universally wear-able colors available. It is smart, chic, and looks good everywhere and on everyone. But there appears a problem, when everyone at a gathering wears black, or sometimes, you may just get bored of black. In that case, you need to get hold of another color that is in sharp contrast to black, but looks equally fetching when you wear it. Naturally, white is the next best option. Any mens white clothing is considered the perfect amount of sober, formal and exciting. If black is the color that exudes quit, subtle grace, white is a color that radiates regality and panache and you are bound to stand out, wherever you go. Our collection offers a fine range of some of the best white clothes that you would want to own.

White on anything is bound to make you look sophisticated

Earlier, men's clothes meant limited options. There were only certain things available in drab colors that were available. But that is ancient history. With the changes in the society, the way men dress are also changing. There is a plethora of clothing available and the fashion industry is booming in the process of making sure that the needs of the men and the women are well-catered for. You can find any piece of clothing, in any color, if you know where to look. It has been established that white is a classic color. it is a color that has been used for clothes for a long time, but it never gets old. The availability of white clothing for mens should not be taken for granted because white can be the most remarkable color if you know how to wear it.

There are all sorts of clothes that are available in white. For formal events, there are white tuxedos, suits, pants, vests, dress shirts, coats, etc. that are available in white. For semi-formal and casual dressing, there is a new genre of clothing that has appeared, and these too are available in white. Jackets, sport coats, white trouser pants, casual shirts, and everything else imaginable. There is no limit to the amount of mens white clothing that you can find in the collection that we offer, and you are not likely to be disappointed.

White gives you the chance to experiment

White gives you the opportunity of experimenting with your clothes. The best is, despite all the experimenting, it is not possible for you to look bad or uncoordinated. You can wear a white sports jacket along with jeans and a light colored dress shirt underneath. You could also try wearing white bottoms if you are wearing, for example, a powder blue sport jacket and a dress shirt. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mens white clothing. You can pick out whatever it is you are searching for from our up-to-date and elaborate collection, and ensure that you never set a boring foot out of your house ever again.

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