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Italian Sports Jacket- Shades Of Jacket For Every Occasion
Mensusa Italian Sports Jacket- Shades Of Jacket For Every Occasion Find an italian sports jacket in the shade that fits your style, such as a purple velvet jacket or a silver suit jacket.

The last thing you want to do, when trying to define your own style while still fitting in and dressing appropriately, is sacrifice your originality for the sake of looking good.

Sometimes the shades of jacket we choose when deciding what form of italian sports jacket to wear can make all the difference. One shade might tell those around you that you have more of a high-end style, while another might communicate that you are confident, or that you have a style that is versatile.

Here are several shades of jacket you might want to try on this season to see if they fit your style.

italian sports jacket purple velvet jacket

Purple velvet jacket- wear a jacket made of luxury

Velvet is a fabric that has been around for centuries, and has always been associated with luxury. If you are planning on committing to a velvet suit jacket or blazer, you are going to be committing to a look of sophistication and reputation for always showing up clean and chic. This is made all the more prominent when you choose a purple velvet jacket.

Purple is a shade also often still associated with luxury, so when you put the two items together and wear a purple velvet jacket to your next formal event, you will give off just the right aura of class. A purple velvet jacket tells those around you that you are not afraid to be who you are and know how to dress your part.

You will not regret choosing this shade of jacket to keep in your closet for when you need it. Velvet, especially purple velvet, is a choice reserved for the most special occasions of the year, so prepare to look your best when it matters the most if this is the particular shade of jacket you are going to go for this season.

Silver suit jacket- wear a shade that makes you feel more confident

When it comes to an Italian sports jacket, you can never go wrong by going with a light, medium or darker shade of silver. A silver suit jacket is appropriate for almost any occasion. You can wear it around the office, to a formal brunch or out with your colleagues after work. No matter where you go, you will blend in, in just the right way.

The reason choosing silver is a good idea is because it is a conservative color. You will not look as if you are trying too hard to dress up for the day or evening. Silver is also compatible with any skin tone, so you won't have to put in too much extra time deciding whether you will look acceptable in this shade of suit jacket.

Putting on a silver suit jacket will make you feel confident in the choice you made and proud of your style overall. Choosing a silver suit is a serious, but worthwhile investment to make if you want to feel like you are in complete control of your formal wardrobe. Go silver: it will show everyone you know what you are doing.

Burgundy suit jacket- the shade any man can pull off

When looking for just the right shades of jacket to wear that fit your style and the occasion you are buying for, you want to go with something that makes you stand out without causing anyone to single you out in the wrong way. If there is any shade of suit jacket that can accomplish this brave fashion goal, it's burgundy.

Why choose a burgundy suit jacket? Truthfully, any man can dress up or dress down a burgundy suit jacket depending on where he is going and who he is planning to meet while he is there. Burgundy, especially when it comes to suit jackets, can come in several different shades, so choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

When you choose to wear a burgundy suit jacket, you are choosing a classic and stylish look that you can pretty much wear anywhere, similar to the silver suit jacket. What makes a burgundy suit jacket unique is that, while it is quickly becoming more mainstream, there are still men out there who are not brave enough to try it out. Be the first of your circle to do so.

Regardless of which shades of jacket you prefer, your Italian sports jacket is a worthy investment for your classic and stylish wardrobe. Choose a purple velvet suit jacket for a more luxurious look, a silver suit jacket for something that will bring you an extra layer of confidence or a burgundy suit jacket if you really want to stand out among your peers. You can find a shade of jacket for any occasion and still be yourself.

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