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Latest Fashion "the Stingray Leather Belts"

 James Bond Tuxedo If you are bored of wearing same type of belts then try massive collection of Genuine Black Shark & Stingray Belts which is not only stylish but well polished too. If you are tired of your belts falling apart then upgrade to the best USA made belt you will ever own stingray belts. 1)Stingray 2)Belt are approx. 3/16" thick 3)Perfect for casual or dress. 4) Has the stingray skin and "eye" on the back side of the belt. 5) Accent stitched in heavyweight nylon thread (the strongest and best nylon thread on the market) 6) This stingray belt are affordable too 7) This stingray belts are made of sanded particles.

Hole Options
Your belt size is measured to the size of the third hole tip end. The 7 holes (3/4 apart) option is measured to the centered hole. This will give you plenty of rooms in both the side so that you can adjust it accordingly. Moreover, the belt size is not the total length of the belt.

Where to buy Stingray Leather Belts?
You can buy Stingray Skin Belt at Low Prices from fashionable accessories shops, online sites and malls.

 White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos  White Groom Tuxedos

A stingray belt has a grace and strength in the water, Stingray truly is the most charming exotic leather. Every Stingray bears a white diamond shape. All belts come standard with a prong buckle.  James Bond Tuxedo

Why Stingray belts are so popular?
Stingray leather belts are genuinely long and flexible. Auto fit removable buckle Fit for any waist measurement. High quality, exclusive and adjustable also. Stingray belts can be easily shortened.

Source of Stingray Leather
Stingray leather which is also known as "shagreen". This Stingray leather is extremely durable and has been used throughout history for everything from swanky armored clothing to sword handle wraps. Today in the fashion world, stingray is used on items ranging from mens wallets to shoes. One of the nice things about this skin is that stingrays aren't endangered by destruction, so its leather can be sourced easily, which also contributes to its relatively low pricing. In fact, stingrays are found in abundance in the shallow, warm waters of the Pacific Rim and are fished commercially as a primary food source.

How to take care of Stingray belts
Stingray products are very easy to care for - simply wipe with a damp cloth! It is simple to clean stingray belts. Take a piece of clean cloth and wipe it.

The Stingray leather belt goes with everything from dress to casual and is simply great looking. Belts are adjustable and can be made smaller with scissors and a hole punch. Or if you have a personal buckle in mind, the belt can be customized by any shoemaker. All belts come in minimum 50" length ready for adjustment.

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