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Long Pointy Mexican Boots- Flaunt The Upcoming Trend!

long pointy Mexican boots

An interesting thing is happening in the world of Mexican boots. The toes are getting pointy. And long. And dance crews are flaunting them as they shuffle the night away to the pre-hispanic-African-Cumbia lovechild that is Tribal music.

Where did these boots come from? What makes them different? Who first started making and wearing them? How are they worn? And what do they have to do with Tribal music?

Kick off your pathetically boring shoes and adorn your feet with long pointy Mexican boots! MensUSA is providing the super pointy Mexican boots in their exclusive collection. The collection at this online portal is as good as the ones that you would get from the native collection.

Mexican Boot Origins

- If you want to fully understand the long pointy Mexican boots trend, you'll need to understand the origins of Mexican boots in general.

- Mexican boots emerged in the 1800s as an offshoot of more general cowboy boots. What differentiates Mexican boots from cowboy boots is:

- They are typically worn for show or fun- they're not work boots like cowboy boots

- They were traditionally made out of exotic animal skins (e.g. alligator, armadillo...)

- They started out as flat-heeled and shorter than cowboy boots (though now their styles vary significantly)

- They are typically more expensive than cowboy boots due to more expensive materials, more customization, and fancier design

Modern Mexican boots can be flat or high-heeled, and they are bound by no specific design constraints. Most have flat toe caps, though some utilize silver pointed toes. Some are simple while others are incredibly elaborate. Many of the more elaborate long pointy Mexican boots come with a theme.

The Pointy Boot Trend

Mexican boots were already fancy. The addition of extra pointy toes is just an extra mod to make some boots even fancier. The trend emerged in late 2009 / early 2010, and runs parallel and seems greatly inspired by the Tribal music trend. The boots started out as only moderately pointy- just slightly different from most Mexican boots. But the toes just got longer as longer as fashion daredevils sought to outdo each other. Before long, toes that extended out just a couple extra inches were reaching out as far as seven feet!

At mensusa, the variety is such that you will get these long pointy Mexican boots with lengths as long as you want. What makes the pointy boot trend interesting is how it, like any good trend, applies new materials and technology to a timeless cycle.

Mexican boots have always been about being fun, dressy shoes. That these are extra pointy should not come as a surprise- extra pointiness only adds extra flare to something that is worn for flare in the first place. Finally, these pointy boots are interesting in that they're a throwback to pointed shoes worn by the upper class in medieval times. Much like long pointy Mexican boots, these shoes had long, narrow toes that curved up at the point. The longer a toe was, the more status one was thought to have. There were even regulations limiting the length of toe that certain classes could wear. Some toes on these medieval shoes got so long that they had to be worn with a chain that looped around the calf to keep the tips of the toes off the ground and to prevent tripping. Who would have ever imagined that such impossible shoes would make their way into the 21st Century... but here they are! So why not try this trend yourself, shop the long pointy Mexican boots from MensUSA at reasonably priced rates!

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