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Look Dashing with 3 Button Blazer

 James Bond Tuxedo If you want to know the latest fashion trends in men's blazer section, you need to go through various websites found on internet. You can also visit different stores at malls to know the on- going trend of blazers for men. You can get to know the styles of blazers that are on demand by noticing the showcase and marketed collections of blazers by popular brands of fashion industry. Moreover, you can flip through some famous fashion magazines to know the latest trends in men's blazer in recent times. You might know that you can wear blazer in different occasions and need to choose the style of your blazer accordingly. However, 3 button blazer always maintained a separate position in clothing industry for its uniqueness and usefulness.

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Different Types of Blazers for Men
Nowadays, designer create blazer in such a manner that it will ensure the perfect fit and drape of the attire. You can leave the bottom button open or closed but it surely not affects the fitting of your blazer. This is one of unique feature of 3 button blazer. Whether the unbutton style have started in the earlier age for certain reasons or evolved naturally over the time, the style of 3 button blazer remains one of the major clothing item still today. However, you need to maintain certain rules while wearing 3 button blazer or suit to look just right.

You need to remember that a 3 button blazer should always remain buttoned until you take a seat. Whenever u sit, it generally becomes necessary to unbutton the blazer. However, the moment you stand again, you need to button your blazer immediately. Moreover, exceptions are always there with rules and regulation in fashion industry and wearing different types of blazers in different styles is no different.

Wearing 3 Button Blazer in Different Styles
You should know that you either can opt for single-breasted blazer or double breasted blazer in order to fulfill your needs. Therefore, you can find single-button, two-button, three-button and four button or more in single breasted style whereas double breasted blazer comes up with four to six and more buttons.

When you are planning to buy 3 button blazer, you should know that you have several options to carry your chosen blazer. You can button the top two buttons and leave the bottom one unbuttoned or you can simply button the center one. Moreover, some people go bold by leaving all the three buttoned unbuttoned for sporting a casual look or to exhibit their underneath precious clothes. Now, it entirely depends on the wearer which style he wants to go for. However, you need to remember that blazer are generally worn as an uniform and in that case you have to wear your blazer in exact manner to give the uniform proper importance. However, by wearing 3 button blazer, you can get reputation and respect from people.

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