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Men's Suits With Ticket Pocket Are Utilitarian Suits
Mensusa Men's Suits With Ticket Pocket Are Utilitarian Suits The designs of suits have changed from time to time. Variations in the cuts and fits were rendered according to the requirements of the wearers. Thus came into the fashion world the men's suits with ticket pocket. It is a small pocket placed just above the right hip pocket of the jacket or the coat.

men's suits with ticket pocketThe idea of introducing a small pocket above the hip pocket on the right hand side of a coat or a jacket began during those days when men often travelled in trains and had to keep some coins along with the traveling tickets for easy access. These suits were not worn for theatres or operas as they were mostly of an official or formal nature. Later, the idea of carrying tickets in these pockets waned away and they became a new stylish design.

How did the men's suits with ticket pocket look like?

The ticket pocket was not too wide but rather half the size of the pocket on the hips. It had a small flap or may be termed as a jetted pocket. Men who travelled a lot, wore these suits as the ticket pocket served many purposes. While traveling, one could keep the buttons of their coats shut and yet easily pay for the tickets or at toll points. Hence these men's suits with ticket pocket became quite popular. Originally the ticket pocket suits were common among the sturdy country suits as they were very convenient. Later the style was adapted in urban suits also by those who realized the utility of the ticket pocket especially all those who traveled far to their workplaces regularly by train.

Men's suits with ticket pocket have a style of their own. The pockets are not simply straight and dull. They maintain uniformity with the pockets just below them. If the hip pockets are in an angular position, the ticket pockets are also aligned in the similar way. The short flaps add style to the pockets. However, all suits do not have ticket pockets. They are found mostly on suit jackets, overcoats and sports jackets. Today the men's suits with ticket pocket have drawn the attention of sophisticated and stylish men as celebrities have worn them in the movies.

Various uses of the men's suits with ticket pocket

Men's suits with ticket pocket undoubtedly adds an extra style to the suits. Moreover it has proved to be highly functional. Although you may not have to travel by train too many times, the pockets are big enough to hold a few important cards or papers especially when you are on the move. But always remember that you must choose your suits according to your body type. Visit MensuSA to see the various types of men's suits with ticket pocket and choose the one that enhances your personality. A heavy man should avoid such suits as they make you look fatter at the waist. On the other hand, a skinny man or a tall men will find these suits quite helpful in reducing their skinny looks for the ticket pocket fills up some of the empty space in their jackets or torsos.

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