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Men's Fashion Suit 3 Piece Suits

 James Bond Tuxedo Men's Three Piece Suits - How a Man wears a Vested 2-Piece Suit
The rarity of men's 3-piece suit makes the ability to wear one a prized asset to any stylish man's wardrobe. Standing out in a crowd is as simple as adding a waistcoat - and when a simpler look is called for the vest can always be removed, unlike the equally striking but less flexible double-breasted jacket . Waistcoats add to the character of a basic 2-piece suit; a matching fabric waistcoat can transform a two piece suit to a level below evening wear but above simple business dress while a different odd vest can make a drab grey more lively and friendly.

The vested or 3 piece suit is the matched outgrowth of the waistcoat; it generally consists of a single-breasted jacket, a waistcoat, and trousers all made from the same material and lining. As this meaning implies, an odd vest and suit - defined as a waistcoat made from a different fabric than the jacket and trouser - is not a true three-piece suit.Three piece suits were common until World War II, but lost their eminence when the War Board enforced cloth rationing that restricted tailors' abilities to create vests.

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Advantages of the Three-Piece Suit
For a man seeking a distinctive style, the three-piece suit has obvious merits. A man can safely assume he will be one of the only people wearing a vested suit at most social occasions. It also creates a single, unbroken stretch of the suit fabric from ankles to shoulder. In a quality fabric, the smooth drape of cloth all the way along the body gives a man's body a handsomely impartial look. Of course, a three-piece suit can always become a two-piece suit through the simple expedient of leaving the waistcoat at home -- unlike the double-breasted suit, the three-piece sacrifices no versatility for its elegance.

 James Bond TuxedoFitting the Three-Piece Suit
The exception here is formal vests; since tuxedo or dinner jackets are never removed the additional waistcoats are often created "backless" for ease and comfort and feature a simple strap in the back rather than a full span of cloth. Too long of a vest starts to look absurd, so the trousers on a good three-piece suit will be fitted high, around the natural waist, and should ideally be worn with suspenders. A belt may cause bulging in the waistcoat fabric and will be totally hidden, exposť it unnecessary. A good waistcoat should be fitted; that is, it should have a distinct waist. Like a suit jacket, the fabric should come in at least slightly at the narrowest point on the wearer's body. Most will be somewhat adjustable by means of a strap in the back.

The Style of the Three-Piece Suit
The formality of a three-piece suit is such that it requires a necktie. Since only a few inches of the tie are visible, the knot should be tied with extra care. Mainly bulky ties (knits especially) may create a bulge under the front of the vest, and should be avoided. The end of the tie should not stick out from under the bottom of the waistcoat. If a tie is a good match but a touch too long, it can all the time be tucked into the trousers.

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