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Know About Mens Herringbone Blazer

Mens Herringbone Blazer
A blazer forms an important part of a man's wardrobe. No wardrobe can be complete with a perfect fit blazer in it. A blazer fits every occasion gracefully, be it formal or casual. A blazer is a well fitted men's jacket that is more informal in nature as compared to suit or sports coat. A blazer can be easily worn with both formal and informal wear alike. It lends equal grace and charm to both jeans & t-shirt look and trouser & shirt look. A blazer speaks volume about the personality of its wearer. Blazer comes in various styles and designs that lend a differentiating look to different individuals and occasions. They can broadly be divided in single breasted and double breasted blazers. A single breasted blazer is the most common and universally accepted style of the blazer. It is also a safer bet for buy as they suit all the occasions unlike double breasted blazers that are more conservative and better suited for work environment only. A single breasted blazer is buttoned at centre with the two flaps whereas a double breasted blazer has the front flaps that overlap each other and has two rows of button. Single breasted blazers can be further distinguished based on the buttons as one-button, two-button, three-button and four-button blazer. One button blazers are considered very fashionable and stylish, thus are not well suited for formal work environment. These are more suited for social functions. They look great on leaner men as compared to taller or bigger men. Two-button blazers are more formal in nature as compared to one-button blazers are well suited for work environment too. They are the most common type of blazers as one can never go wrong with a two-buttoned blazer. They are universally accepted as looks very fashionable yet formal. Three-button blazers are another universally flattering blazer like two-button blazers but are less conservative and formal in nature. One can wear them to both formal as well as casual events without looking out of place. They look best on taller man because of their spacing, yet suits most of the body types. Four-button blazers are also more about style and fashion and are not suited for office wear just like one-button blazers. They look best on taller and leaner men because of their structure and spacing of buttons. They would look unflattering on shorter men as they are very elongated. Mens Herringbone Blazer is rugged, eye-catching and yet perfectly appropriate for any occasion. It is named after herring fish as the zigzag pattern resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. It is a v-shaped weaving pattern which is usually found in twill fabric. Plain chevron pattern is almost same but it distinguishes from plain chevron because of the break at reversal in its pattern. The most common fabric used is wool with tweed cloth often woven with a herringbone pattern. Herringbone blazer can be worn in different colours but grey is appropriate for the men's who are not too sure about the patterns and colours. Herringbone is one of the safest bet to be worn on any occasion without getting worried about various patterns and designs. Herringbone blazers provide a perfect look to any occasion and outfit be it formal or informal.
Our online store offers a wide range of different designs and colours of Mens Herringbone Blazer. One can choose according to his comfort and style. We hope that the information provided regarding different types of blazers and herringbone blazer will help you in picking up the perfect blazer according to your needs.

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