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How To Clean And Polish Men's Patent Leather Shoes

Men's Patent Leather Shoes
Patent leather is a type of leather that gives a shiny and high glossy finish. This is superior quality of fine grain leather that undergoes a process to have a glossy look. This process of making leather into shiny and glossy was first brought by United States. Men's patent leather shoes have a glass like finish that catches the light and gives an excellent look. These shoes are generally solid black in colour. There are however, other colours like neutral tan, white or neon colours like neon green and hot pink. These shoes are generally water proof and retain a flexible texture. These looks have made patent leather shoes to be worn as formal accessories. Most men wear it with Tuxedos or in any other formal attire. A patent leather shoe gives an elegant and class to any outfit so men prefer them. But to retain the mirror like shine these shoes need to be taken good care and maintenance because a pair of fresh clean shoes can only make or break an outfit.

The following are the steps to maintain Men's Patent Leather Shoes where cleaning comes first and then polishing but patent leather shoes are more sensitive to scuffs, soaps and polishes so we should be easy while cleaning and polishing.

-First we require a clean, damp and soft cloth with some liquid soap.
-Then we wipe the shoe with clean, damp and soft cloth with liquid soap to remove the dust or dirt.
-After applying the soap we wipe of the soap residue with clean damp soft cloth.
-Now we dry the shoe with a lint-free clean and dry cloth.

-We rub the surface of the shoe with clean dry and soft cloth to remove the dust.
-Then dab a small amount of patent leather cream with clean dry , soft cloth and rub on the leather evenly so that all the areas are covered.
-Now we leave the shoe for two to three minutes so that the cream penetrates the surface of the leather
-Then we buff the shoes with polishing cloth to make it shine.
-If there are any scuffs on the patent shoes noticeable then it is recommended to dip a cotton ball in acetone nail polish and use it to the buff out the marks. After that a paper towel is used to remove the excess nail polish from the shoe.
-Men's patent leather shoes are to be kept in shoe box lined with tissue paper with shoe horns between them to reduce rubbing together and causing scuffs or scratches.
-For daily care mineral oil treatment make the shoes look shiny. With a lint-free soft cloth the oil is to be rubbed on the surface of the shoe and makes look glossy. Even silicone based products are also used but brush or polishing cream should not be used. It reduces the shine of men's patent leather shoes and makes them look dull.

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