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Mens Purple Dress Shoes

Mens Purple Dress Shoes
"The shoe makes the man" says a famous proverb and rightly so. Shoes are as important as the suit, infact it is also being said that a shoe reflects a men's character more than his suit. Though men are not shoe freaks like women are, but still a certain amount of effort should be made while buying a shoe to make your look better as no look is complete without a perfect pair of shoes. Men's shoes look almost similar in design and function and not to mention, extremely boring. But if one pays more attention or have little knowledge, he can easily notice the difference between different design of shoes and which pair of shoes is more appropriate for different occasions.
Men's shoes are most commonly categorised in eight styles or designs, namely, oxfords, derby, loafers, cap toes, monk straps, dress boots, wingtips and formal pumps. Though few of these look almost similar yet there are slight dissimilarities that differentiate them. A nice pair of Mens Purple Dress Shoes does add a lot of class and style to your suit. It is always advisable to spend your money on a well-built branded shoe as a well-built shoe is much more comfortable and speaks volume about your personality. Well, it was what traditionally a mother told her daughter to notice in a man- his shoes. Every design of shoe is different which is mentioned as follows.

Oxfords or balmoral also come in two designs, captor style is more formal in nature because of its sleek and simplistic design as the word goes "sleeker the design, the more formal the shoe". Other is brogue oxford because of its heavy construction and rogue wingtips make it less formal in nature. Oxfords are suited with trousers only.
Derby or bluchers are quite similar to the oxfords but its lacing more noticeable as it is sewn outside of the shoes. This makes derby shoes less formal than oxfords. Derby shoes come in various colours and in different type of leather and linen. These are perfect for a smart casual dressing
Loafers can be worn with both formal and casual wear. These are the slip on shoes that are ideal for travelling business people. Darker the colour, more formal is the shoes and less the socks are visible, more formal is the look.
Cap toes refer to the extra layer of leather at the front of the shoe. Having said that, even oxfords and derby shoes can be "cap toed".
Monk straps refer to the buckled straps that replace the shoe laces in a shoe. Monk straps come with two-strap, three-strap and sometimes even four straps. They are suited for men who want a unique style and more attention.
Dress boots can be worn with jeans, trousers and even with suits. These are sleek and are of minimalistic boot style.
Wing-tipped shoes have a wing type shape of the cap toes that looks like the stretching of wings. Most of the wing-tipped shoes are solid in colours but two-tip wing shoes of 1920's are back in fashion.
Formal pumps or opera pumps are the formal loafers made of shiny leather and are decorated with a grosgrain ribbon at the cap of the shoe. Suede versions are more fashionable but less in formal nature.
Mens Purple Dress Shoes are shoes that are purple in colour and are worn with men's suits or casual wear depending upon the design and the fabric of the shoes. Our online store offers a wide range of all the designs and styles of Mens Purple Dress Shoes according to the different occasions. We offer pure leather Mens Purple Dress Shoes as well as suede loafers and all other styles. You can select the one according to your need from a wide range of shoes.

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