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Know More about a Seersucker Suit

Seersucker SuitA Seersucker Suit is a wonderful suit that can be worn in summer. It is a suit which requires very little maintenance and hence it has become popular among most men. This summer attire comes for both men and women. It evokes a laid back feel of the hot and humid summer. The fabric comes from India where it is referred as "shir-o-shakar" which means milk and sugar in Persian. It is the texture of the material which is smooth and crinkled for which it has got its name. The term came about in the 18th century as sea sucker which later changed into seersucker. Nowadays, the U.S. Senate celebrates the popularity of seersucker with yearly Seersucker Thursday.

The material is generally 100% cotton and it is crinkled and smooth. It has a striped texture which is done through a particular weaving technique. The texture of the material is such that it enhances air circulation and dissipates heat. It breathes well and hence you will feel absolutely comfortable when wearing this suit. These suits come in a wide variety of pastel shades. The most popular shades among young fashionistas are blue and white, beige and white and white and pink.

A seersucker suit is a great choice for the summer because they are light in weight. It is mostly made from rayon or cotton. Moreover, these suits do not need much of ironing because of the construction of the fabric. Furthermore, the suits can be washed in the machine at home. Hence, you will not have to be bothered about maintenance and care regarding these suits. Though the suit is available in a wide variety it is recommended that you stay away from red and white combinations unless you want people to think of you as an ice-cream man.

Seersucker SuitAlso, when you are purchasing these suits you must ensure that the hem of the pants is reinforced with heavier material so that the shape of the leg is maintained and the fragile fabric is well protected. You will presumably wear a shirt with your seer sucker suit. You need to ensure that it is white and crisp. With seersucker, you should make sure that you are wearing matching socks too. If your suit is cream or beige then go for beige socks. However, if it is blue then beige socks would not go well with it.

No matter what, a seersucker suit is a must have in every man's closet. It is popular attire in the fashion market and is here to stay for quite some time. So, you may choose to buy a few of these trendy suits for your wardrobe for the upcoming summer. Just browse through the online stores and find a reliable shop from where you can buy. Always make a comparison before you purchase so that you can get a good deal for your suit. Be it striped or patterned it does not matter because a seersucker suit will surely look good on you.

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