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Men's Shoe Size A Guide To Get The Right It

Most men select their mens shoe size based on the trial and error on the basis of the general particular size they wear. Therefore they start with that size and experiment. This approach is fine only if you are buying shoes in a shop and can try on a pair of shoes. But this method has major drawbacks if you want to buy a pair of shoes online or you have feet which are slightly of different size.

mens shoe
mens shoe mens shoe mens shoe

The procedure mentioned in this article will enable you to measure your feet and then you can use a sizing table to determine the precise fit of the mens shoe size that you should buy for yourself.

Step 1
Firstly, draw your foot on a piece of paper with the help of pencil. This has to be done by keeping your feet on a flat and even surface. You must be standing up and weighing your weight down. Try and get a third person's help if required and possible. Be careful to keep the tracing as close to your feet to ensure a precise measurement.

Step 2
Using this pencil imprint of your foot, measure the length and width carefully with a tape measure or ruler. The width should be taken at the widest point and the measurements should be in inches, the accuracy level of which is 1/8th .

Step 3
After these measurements, you must have one set of two measurements each one for each foot. With a measuring amendment you can correct faults if any.

Step 4
You will have separate width and length dimensions for each foot. It will also be pretty evident that one foot is larger than other. If both feet are similar in size you can easily buy a pair of shoes. But if you have a major difference, then it will be advisable to you to buy an un-matching pair of shoes. For this you will have to get in touch with a specialist supplier of such shoes.

Step 5
Now after this entire procedure when you are equipped with the right dimensions of the feet, you should convert these measurements into useable shoe sizes. This can be done by finding an appropriate shoe or foot size chart.

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