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Know About Men's Slim Fitting Suits

 Men's Slim Fitting Suits
Men's suits are a symbol of style, elegance and fashion. It gives every men the look he has been searching for a long time. Confident, sharper and stylish look. Attention are automatically drawn to men wearing suits not only at office but also for parties, functions, ceremonies etc. Traditionally men were less concerned about the shape of the body and contemporary suits were made just to fit the men and look good . But today men are more concerned of maintaining themselves to be fit and healthy. So the fashion changes from contemporary to slim cuts. Designers are coming up with different styles in Men's Slim Fitting Suits. This cut are also in fashion in early sixties such as Skinny Shark with skinny fabric that mimics a shark but lost its popularity after that and gained again as slim fitted suits. The slim fitting suits are much narrower and more modern as compared to traditional suits. The type of suit to be worn also depends on the build of men.

Slim Build
This fit goes well with slim build person . The main feature of any slim fitting suits is the tapered waist with tapered legs and narrow point to point shoulder measurement. The gives a modern and trimmed look. The pants or trousers for Slim Suits For Men are low rise pants than traditional ones and are slightly shorter in length. They have flat front design to keep the slim fit look compared to pleated in traditional pants. The pleats are out of fashion for young generation and gives the look of previous generation. The slimmer effect of flat front pants with pleasing silhouette in comparison to pleated which are puffed out around the wearers lap. They are also with patterns like pinstripes and fashion stripes that looks great. Te jacket have narrow lapels and higher notch. The suit jackets are slightly shorter in size than traditional suits. They have smaller and softer shoulder pads and mostly the best mens slim fit suits are single breasted with two buttons instead of three. For short height the slim fitting suits are available if the build is slim or even muscular. But for fat guy the traditional suits are better. Though there are changes in suit styles even for bulky men .So to wear a slim fitted suit the following things to be kept in mind.

  • Men's Slim Fitting Suits should be able to stretch and bend easily. It means free movement of arms. The suit should not look tight but fitted. If not so then suit is not perfect in shape. These suits are not out of shape as they do not have extra material to hide any flaws.

  • Again in pants pleated or not pleated is a problem for men. The pleated ones look good with men of larger bellies but not suitable for slim men.

  • The fabric for slim suits are wool but gabardine or mid-weight cord is also a good choice. The fabrics play an important role as it helps the suit to springs back to its original shape without wrinkling after the suit is squeezed. The good variety of slim suits are available that creates a sleek silhouette and looks fabulous.

  • The suits are two piece and also three piece. The favourite colours available are gray, navy blue or black. Now the trend of three piece suit have increased because of the vest that fits well in slim cuts. Wearing the vest without the jacket is also a fashion.

The fashion houses have also begun to focus their marketing strategies on slim cut suits. This cut is more popular in the men's crowd under 30.While buying slim fitting suit from various choices it is to be remembered to have a right balance between classic and modern style.

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