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Men's Style And Fashion Is Men's Topcoat

Complete your business dress attire with a topcoat that truly speaks to your positive, classic style. Find a full length wool topcoat for men in a variety of colors and fabrics. Select a fine topcoat that adds the finishing touch to your style today and keeps you warm all season long.

There are only a few things that I think "every man should own". A topcoat is one of them. No piece of outerwear speaks "full-fledged" or "adult" more than a proper-fitting topcoat. Boys don't wear them, so in a sense, it marks your arrival as a "man". Regardless of your personal aesthetic, background or lifestyle, there is a style of topcoat for you.

wool topcoat
wool topcoat wool topcoat wool topcoat

Different topcoats for different impressions
Moleskin (brushed cotton - think corduroy without the velvety ribs) is one of those hard-hitting and rocky fabrics that doesn't essentially look tough and craggy. It gives a sort of "modern cowboy in the city" vibe. It's stiff, sturdy and breaks in. It gets softer with age, works with just about anything from a shirt & tie to a t-shirt & jeans, and always remains sharp and "put together" without feeling stuffy or too "dressed up".

 wool topcoatSelection of Men's Topcoats
For all of us sane people, top coat takes some serious thought. It is by no means a quick and simple choice, and we have many things to consider when we are looking for the perfect one: Color, shape, length, style, material, our style at large, and the list could go on. The topcoat could be just the one for you; particularly those of you with a more smart than casual mindset.A man's top coat can be both armor and sword, defensive from the cold while turning over self-confidence and influence. And when you pick the right one, even the worst winter weather doesn't stand a chance of bringing you down.

How to Buy a Topcoat
Whenever you decide to buy a topcoat online remember first, be aware that there's a difference between a topcoat and an overcoat. While overcoats traditionally extend below the knee, topcoats end either at or (ideally) a few inches above the knee. Stated simply, you want a topcoat, not an overcoat, at least for starters. Overcoats have a tendency to look sloppy. This is especially true for short men, who simply end up looking like they're getting swallowed up by the coat they borrowed from their less very small dad.

Ways to Wear a Topcoat
The wool topcoat and topcoat combination provide fantastic protection from low temperatures and also extra wind resistance, especially when aided by a sweater and a dress shirt. Finally, the above combination is, at the very least, a solid start to a totally sweet New Year's get-up. Here's how to shop for one:
1)Go to the stores wearing a well-fitting sport/suit jacket or wool topcoat. This way you'll get an exact fit.
2)The sport coat/topcoat combination should feel slightly snug, so be open to getting it taken in a bit if necessary, even though you're wearing thick layers.
3)Keep in mind that you should be able to wear the topcoat by itself without it looking like a tent with buttons.
4)On the other hand, too snug isn't a good thing. If you can't put your arms down like Randy from A Christmas Story, it's too tight.
5)Just because its outerwear doesn't mean that the sleeves can over your hands; that's what gloves are for.
6)Under no situation should your wool topcoat extend past the bottom of the topcoat. If this happens, you're wearing the wrong kind of coat.

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