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Minister Suit - The Rare Piece Of Clothing!

 Minister Suit
As we hear the name of the suits we can just imagine the westernized suits which are worn for professional meets, social events, weddings and many other events. But what about the suits in which ministers dress up in? Minister Suit are very popular apparel of suiting and it gives you the feel of being a politician and if you being a true Indian politician would also remember all your rights, duties and laws.

Minister Suit are a dual edged suit which can be worn for both professional as well as social events. It has a hip length coat with a unique collar that is a mandarin or a raised up collar unlike the normal turnover or the flat collars. It is a known fact that this suit was worn by most of the ministers of the world, thus it has acquired its name because of this fact. The Minister suit have been designed taking its inspiration from the South Asian achkan or the sherwani. The difference which exists between the sherwani and the minister suit is that sherwani has a length which reaches till the knee while on the other hand the minister suit has a length which is similar to the normal suits like the Tuxedo. One of the main reason for which the minister suit have gained popularity is because of the fact that many designers have started included this classic piece of clothing into their marvelous collection.

For those of you who are interested in knowing the history of this great apparel, the suit was created in India in the early forties under a Hindi name "Band Gale ka coat" which means coat with a closed neck. It gained popularity since the time it was designed and tailored. As the suit had gained loads of popularity as it was being used by the famous Jawaharlal Nehru, it had been marketed in the sub-continent of Europe under the name of Nehru jacket in the early sixties.

The suit gained popularity in the late sixties and early seventies. The Beatles also added wings to contribute to the popularity of the finely designed suit. There is no reason that the suit would not have gained popularity as it is a brilliant article of clothing. The leather jackets have a powerful styling statement and they are very easily noticed. The Jackets are more similar to the formal Jodhpuri fashion statement. The pants of the minister suit are much similar to the formal suit pants which can either be single pleated, double pleated or the one without any pleats that is a straight cut pant.

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