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Mirage tuxedo: a notch above the average tuxedo

If you are attending a formal gathering, or any event that demands that you dress formally, then it is absolutely essential that you wear a tuxedo. It is imperative for every man to do so. But today, it has become crucial to look different in a crowd, without looking outrageous. One might wonder how a tuxedo can be made to look different, but there are tuxedos that are available in different cuts and designs, by which you can look different while wearing a tuxedo like every other person. The best example of this is a mirage tuxedo that has some special features that makes it an intriguing, yet sober fashion choice.

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What is a mirage tuxedo?
The specialty of a mirage tuxedo is that they have a satin mandarin collar that stands up, satin edges, and are usually worn with pleated clacks. Also, they have slightly angled breast pockets, and the vent across the back is missing. Pairing mirage tuxedos with a pair of slacks and a long and proper tie can make you look like you are wearing a completely different type of formal wear. It makes you look unique, dapper, and boosts your confidence when you become the point of attention wherever you go.

 James Bond TuxedoIdeal for any formal event
A velvet tuxedo is fashionable, and exudes the kind of manly elegance that everyone envies. For a man who is confident and fashion-conscious, this is the perfect choice because it is the perfect blend of the classic with the contemporary. You can wear a mandarin tuxedo at a wedding, a black-tie event, a dance party, and almost all formal gatherings. Pair your tuxedo with a mandarin collar shirt and proper dress shoes, and you're good to go.

The mandarin tuxedo is such a piece of formal wear that it becomes almost irresistible and you can't help purchasing one immediately. They are made of 100% tropical wool, that makes them wearable all year round and you need not worry about your gathering being scheduled off-season.

They are available in all the traditional tuxedo colors and even some unconventional ones, and we have them all on offer.

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