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Real Men Style Black Overcoat

The real men's style is a black overcoat which looks very classy and elegant. An overcoat for men is a long garment worn by both warmth and fashion. Coats typically have long sleeves and are open down the front, closing by means of buttons, zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners, toggles, a belt, or a combination of some of these. Other possible skin texture includes collars and shoulder straps.

An overcoat is designed to be worn as the outermost garment worn as outdoor wear; while this use is still maintained in some places, particularly in Britain, elsewhere the term coat is normally used mainly to denote only the overcoat, and not the under-coat. Overcoats worn over the top of knee length coats (under-coats) such as frock coats, dress coats, and morning coats are cut to be a little longer than the under-coat so as to entirely cover it, as well as being large enough to contain the coat beneath.

Overcoat Overcoat Overcoat

Choosing an Overcoat

Generally, overcoats come in two lengths \96 full and \BE of full length. As a rule, a full overcoat is dressier than a \BE one, it will add manliness and reliability to your image. Hence, such overcoats are generally chosen by older men or taller men, for a full-length overcoat visually compensates for extreme height. Apparently, a \BE (of full length) overcoat is usually chosen by younger men and those who would like to look a bit more flashy. Such overcoat can extend anywhere in-between your knee and trousers' pockets.

The major issue about design is whether to choose a single- or a double-breasted overcoat. This type of overcoat is sometimes called a \93military style\94. They are considered more sensitive to fashion styles, and thus cannot be suggested to those who plan on wearing the same overcoat for each of next few years. Additionally, overcoats come with or without belt, selection of which is solely a matter of taste and body shape. Need not saying that if you are not slim enough, you probably would not like wearing a belt.

As with suits, overcoats in darker colors such as black, charcoal and navy blue are considered to be the most classic, formal and best fit for almost any garment and occasion. Another benefit of a darker overcoat \96 it hides dirt so you will not end up waiting all the time for your overcoat to be returned from drycleaner's.But overall black overcoat is the most elegant one as it suits with every color suits. No matter which color of suit you are wearing.

Overcoats come in a great variety of fabrics, but those worth taking into account for everyday use are wool and cashmere. While they both are pretty good, the latter is generally warmer and better looking, as well as more expensive. Often you can find a blend of wool and cashmere, which combines best individuality of wool.

Fit and quality
There are other options, however if you decide to buy a black overcoat from a store, make sure to try on it wearing a sweater or jacket beneath. The overcoat should be at ease and should not limit movement.Make sure there are enough inner and outer pockets, and they are of a good size \96 those are very important and practicable issues of design. Examine the overcoat for any uncovered linings, loose threads and buttons \96 those are signs of poor quality.

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