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Sequin Jackets For The Extremely Fashionable Men

The Sequin Jackets are among the recent trend that has taken over men's fashion. The urge to wear something new and unique all the time has paved way for these jackets. These are available in various colors, patterns and styles. Like the other types of jackets, these sequin jackets are also a must have in every man's wardrobe. Our website is your one stop shopping destination when it comes to menswear. Get all what you need and much more only at our website.

Different ways to wear the sequin jacket
The sequin jacket is one such attire that can be worn with various trousers at different settings. Due to their sparkling and shiny look these are not ideal for any formal event but suits casual or semi formal events. Pick up a jacket or an evening party.

Wear it with a v neck cardigan
You can wear black navy colored v neck sweater along with black Mens Sequin Jacket . Also include a cotton shirt underneath the sweater. Complete the look with a wrist watch and chinos. However even loafers work well with this look.

Wear it with a plaid shirt
Take out a plaid shirt from the wardrobe that goes well with this jacket. Just wear the jacket over it and you are good for an evening hang out.

Wear it with chunky knits
Take out the chunky knit that comes with a shawl collar and made from cashmere wool. Wear sequin jackets with it and keep the look simple. Make sure that the knit is shorter than the jacket.

Heavy worked jeans
Wear a heavy work straight cut jeans along with sequin jackets. This gives a fun and youthful look and is great for the nights. Complete the look with rugged boots.

The cargo pant look
Men can also wear cargo pant with sequin jackets. Pick up colors like black, brown, charcoal or other bright shades. Go for less sequin work instead of heavy work. Simple doesn't need to be boring.

Fabric pick
When it some to stylish sequin jackets there are various kind of fabric options available in it. Pick up wool or cotton depending on the weather conditions as well as the purpose of buying. Overdoing it just not required. Bulky or heavier men should stick to heavy fabric to maintain their body shape. Men who are on the slimmer side can also pick up form one or two button jackets. Bulky too can go in for two button ones. This style suits both body types.

Style tips

  • The sequin jackets are extremely vibrant so these must not be worn for during the day time.
  • These are perfect to be worn in the evening. Select a solid color Sequin Jackets and wear it with a solid color trouser, jeans or corduroy. Don't create a contrast look. The contrast look doesn't work here.
  • Always pick up sequin jackets in dark colors be it any occasion.
  • These must be avoided at weddings at at all formal events.

The sequin jackets appeal to almost all men due to their vibrant style. These add a lot to the wearer's personality but still maintain its simple look. We bring out one of the best variety of these jackets and other menswear at a good price. Shop from our website and get amazed by our offering.

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