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Experimenting With Solid Color Shirts

Solid Color Shirts
When it comes to shirts it is quite obvious that men would want to go for the white color since it is the most obvious choice. However it is always better to try something else in order to stand out in the crowd and try something different. The solid color shirts for men is a wonderful option for it would make you look unique and at the same time would help in creating a serious formal appearance. If you feel that the white shirts project radiance on your face you should know that the solid colors ill make you look brighter and would enhance your personality. It will also define your individuality for every color has its own story.

Why white shirts are not the best?
The worst thing about the white shirt is that it does not suit men of all skin colors; therefore the solid color shirts is a much better alternative. They can be worn according to the skin color and need of the occasion to which they are worn. Even the hair color of men can b kept in mind whilst wearing these color shirts which adds to their advantage. If you manage to wear solid color shirts which are against your skin tone as well as hair color you can bring a radiance your personality itself.

Trying blue solid colored shirts
Do not stay under the wrong impression that white is the ultimate option for the men's dress shirts. Rather a colored shirt of solid nature would be a better choice. Try to pick a shirt whose color blends into your skin tone and hair color. One solid color shirts which can never go wrong is blue for it can offer both a warm and rich overtone which goes well with every kin and hair color. A medium tone is liked by most and it can offer such radiance to your face that you are bound to look happy and fresh.

Experimenting with different shades of blue
Men with olive skin tone or tan can experiment with the darker blue tones whilst the fair skin men can wear every type of blue tones. Basically it can be said that almost all hades and tones of blue are suitable for these people which is a huge advantage. However then sticking to one particular color would be like making blue the next white. Instead learn to experiment with different types of colors and find out which work best on you. If you are not confident enough to determine the styles on your own taking the aid of others can be of huge help. Read the reputed fashion magazines, browse through the diverse collections of shirts both online and offline, check out what the latest fashion developments has to offer and take suggestion from those people who are in to fashion to be able to decide what suits you and what does not. Once you have developed a fair deal of idea go about it and see whether it suit you well.

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