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The Exotic Stingray Wallets

Stingray Wallets
Wallets are one of the most important accessories that all men use. But have you ever thought that you can make a great difference in your style if you choose the designer wallets made of the finest leather? Just imagine the exotic Stingray Wallets! They are so unique in designs and quality that whoever has one of them is sure to make a statement among friends and colleagues.

Among the various types of leather wallets that you get at the stores today, the Stingray Wallets are one of a kind that are not only just marvelous but are the finest of leather wallets that you can buy. These special leather wallets do not go through the excessive processes that ordinary leather items receive before the goods are made. Hence they retain a lot of their original show and their characteristic grains.

The special features of Stingray Wallets
Stingray Wallets are one of the exotic leather wallets that have a classical and sophistical style about them. The fluid beauty of the items is unique and their strength is nearly 2.5 times more as compared to other leather wallets. The supple texture is very attractive. Stingray leather is considered as immortal and timeless. Its durability gives it the status of an antique piece and its classy elegance is absolutely unique. The lightly polished look of the wallets is alluring to any man of taste.

These wallets are made from stingray skin. They have beautiful patterns and are not slippery and you will get many colors too. Wallets are used very frequently by men and they carry them mostly in their pockets. So they are crafted beautifully to last for years at a stretch without any signs of wear and tear. Stingray Wallets are easy to maintain and can be cleaned quite easily and this is because the leather is of a very high quality and does not lose the luster even after years of use. Investing on a good quality wallet of this type is worthwhile. It has both functionality and sophistication and never goes out of fashion ever.

Designs available
The Wallets made from this exclusive Stingray leather are designed to fit smoothly in the shirt pockets as well as back pockets of your trousers. They have slim features and are bi-fold that has 8 horizontal slots for the cards, 4 side slots for various uses, 2 slots to keep the bills and an extra alluring pearl motif on the outer sides of the wallets. There are certain ways by which you can ascertain that you have purchased the original Stingray Wallet for yourself. Actually genuine stingray leather does not get damaged or punctured when you put it to the red hot needle test. Others easily melt when they are burned. Moreover the grains in the original wallets have grains that are a part of the leather unlike the fake ones that have grains glued to them. You can rest assured that you have the original one especially when you see that the grains are arranged closely and neatly to each other and have no gaps or spaces in between the grains.

It is wise to purchase such exclusive Stingray Wallets from the genuine stores. We can satisfy you with our great range of genuine products for sure. Just peep into our online store and see what we can offer you.

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