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  Tuxedo :: Significance of Colors in Men's Suits
Significance of Colors in Men's Suits

Red SuitsIn men's clothing, a suit is a set of 2 or 3 pieces garments made from the same cloth - usually consisting of at a jacket and trousers And at times a waistcoat. There is a variety of men's suits like business suit, lounge suit, dinner suit, wedding suit, casual suit, tuxedo etc. There are also variations in design, style, cut, and fabric - like two- and three- piece suit, or single- and double- breasted suits.

What is more fascinating is men's suits come in different colors and you should choose to wear the right color suit for the right occasion. But unfortunately choosing a suit color is one of the most neglected aspects when people shop for the perfect suit. Further, many men choose a suit color based on personal likes rather than what color would match their skin tone or which color is best for the occasion.

The meaning of colors can be significant as we all live in a colorful world. Many sectors like advertising, sports, movies, entertainment, textiles, performing arts, manufacturing, marketing, product packing - optimally use colors to lure attention and make policy statements. Men too can use the meaning of colors to its full advantage with the suits they choose to wear for different occasions.

The most ubiquitously worn suit colors are Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Orange, Pink and Tan - though there are other shades as well.

Black Suit:
The black suit is the right color for both formal occasions as also solemn events such as funerals, proms, and weddings. This Black has a huge advantage as it looks good on all skin colors and also matches for different body types. Black is authoritative and yet soul-stirring color and Black can evoke strong emotions including sympathy and pathos. Black is strong and serious and often associated with death and darkness. Black like white is eternal and classic and no man's wardrobe can be deemed complete without a Black suit.

Blue Suit:
The Blue Suit is ideal as an office wear and is the highly recommended suit color for job interview suit. But the fact is men with lighter skin shades will appear more pleasant in this color than men with darker skin shades. All body types look good in Blue color suit but men with slim bodies benefit from it the most. Blue is the overwhelming suit color choice of many as Blue is said to reflect a sober personality and an amiable disposition. Electric or brilliant blues can have a dramatic effect and they are absorbing colors that indicates exhilaration.

Brown Suit:
Wearing a Brown suit is excellent if you want to appear conspicuous and strikingly different from all others. You can wear this color to the office and to most formal occasions. Fashion experts opine that men with darker skin look best in this color. Brown suit can be worn by all regardless of body shapes. Brown is earthy and rich, and ideal suit for a rustic looking individual. Brown in a man's wardrobe is a sign of affluence and a sense of rawness. In terms of business attire Brown Suit is almost as necessary as White suit and Black suit.

Gray Suit:
The gray suit is a must for everyone's wardrobe. The Gray suit comes in varying shades of gray but if you plan to buy only one Gray suit, then opt for Charcoal Gray as it is lot more versatile. It is said that men with medium physical builds look best in this color - though nothing prevents others from preferring this color. Grey, as we all know, is a mix of the two timeless and classic colors White and Black in different proportions and understandably is the color of elegance, experience and level-headedness. In men's suits, Gray is mature, wise and conservative.

Tan Suit:
Wearing a tan suit in a colder climate may make you look odd. This color suit is reserved for events during spring and summer months. Medium and slender builds with darker skin shades look best in this color suit. As compared to other color suits, tan color suits are less favored by men. If you live in a cold weather city, a Tan Suit is ideal for spring and summer while in a warmer climate it is appropriate year round.

Green SuitsGreen Suit:
Scientists affirm that Green color occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye and is also a favorite color with many. Green is the all pervasive color in the world of nature and Green color reveals friendliness and sociability. Green is also considered the color of peace and ecology. Green can be soothing and gentle like applying balm on a wound. Green suit has different meanings depending on what context you choose to wear it. Green is associated with environmental care and it is emblematic of today's sustainability movement.

Yellow Suit:
Yellow denotes optimism, enlightenment, and wisdom. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future and other guests may gather around you. Yellow suits will outshine all surrounding colors and fill the area with robust energy, as well as induce creative thoughts. Yellow is almost always associated with radiance and happiness because of its brightness. Yellow suits can be worn for entertainment events.

Red Suit:
Red suits are rather rare and if the red is too bright, it will make the suit look gaudy and cheap. But, it is said that Red suit has more personal associations than any other color. Red is inherently exciting and the right shade of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Red is attention-grabbing and you will stand out in any gathering. The color red is bold and assertive and it represents one's most intense emotions. Red is associated with extreme feelings of anger and fiery passion. The right shade of Red used appropriately in men's business suits can represent strength and leadership. Red suits are used sparingly in a man's business attire.

Purple Suit:
Purple strikes a balance between the excitement of Red and the serenity of Blue. This dichotomy can be less tasteful unless the mix of the two colors is in right proportions. Purple color conveys a sense of mysticism though some hail it as a royal color. Purple is a color admittedly favored by very creative or eccentric types and is the color most adolescent girls adore. Although not a brilliant color, purple is unique and can be clothing color to a man's suit - particularly if the man wants to project that he is a thinker of different caliber.

White Suit:
White Suit projects purity, peace and tranquility. Doctors and nurses are usually clad in white aprons and brides traditionally were white gowns and a white suit is Godly. If you have a habit of staying clean and not getting your dress soiled, then a White color suit is incomparable. A white color suit is versatile and will go well with any skin tone. Let us face it - White is plain, simple and yet sublime. Clean and sterile, White suit is classic and timeless. White can be used in men's dress in many ways including a white tie or a crisp white dress shirt.

Orange Suit:
This is a rare color for a suit and very few men actually wear an Orange color suit. Orange is less assertive and less intense than red and is made sober by the blend of yellow. Orange represents equipoise, warmth, enthusiasm, fun and playfulness. Orange suits denote the wearer is a fun guy with lot of warmth, and casual approach.

Pink Suit:
Pink suit, unlike Red suit is effeminate and often associated with women in love but it is softer and less intense. In men, however, Pink suit can be taken to mean a flirty attitude and a fun-loving playboy. Pink, many say reveals a non-serious attitude and light-heartedness. Traditionally feminine pink has somehow lately crept into men's attire and has become a welcome addition to a well-dressed man's wardrobe. Pink used appropriately can make a man appear contemporary with of course hints of femininity.

Taupe Suit:
Taupe is a color that falls between gray and brown and taupe is a great choice as an extra suit for the man who already has a couple of the basic colored suits in his wardrobe and is looking for an exotic color that still provides a professional appearance. Taupe suit can be right for use year round. The Taupe Suit is a little less flamboyant than a Charcoal Gray suit but more likely to draw compliments because of its ability to highlight a man's finer features.

Purple SuitsAs you can see, color knowledge can play a useful role in suit color selection. Understanding the meaning of colors and symbolism is a savvy way to make suggestive hints about your personality, attitude and deportment. Color suits can serve as the unspoken messages you send out when meeting people in business meets, social gatherings and other get-together occasions.

When it comes to buying suits, men need to understand that their color choice can play a role when a particular suit is used. You probably will not wear the same color suit to a corporate meeting that you would to a casual event or a funeral Likewise, the color of the suit you have on for church would probably be different than that of the suit you wear to a social event. The purpose and importance of an event or occasion will come into play in determining what color suit you wish to wear.

In a business meeting, if you appear in light color suits, you will be considered a lightweight and frivolous but if you are in dark color suit, you will be taken seriously. Traditional business colors are navy, black and grey. With those choices at hand, you'll need to decide which colors look best on you.

Assuming you want to come off as an amiable person in a party and also want to look as handsome as a man can be in a suit, you should wear a suit color that befits your body shape -preferably mild colors. Stay away from over-saturated colors that may draw too much attention for wrong reasons.

The first thing to do is to determine in which color suits you look good. If you are uncertain, ask a lady friend with a good eye for color to help you select. Some men are fortunate as they look smart in just about any color suit, while others may have a limited range of two or three colors that are flattering.

If you look good in earth tone suits such as Brown and Green, then wear them with confidence as they are also appropriate choices for many events. A medium blue can be extremely attractive, friendly and smart - if only it goes well with you. Appropriate suit colors include medium green, blue, brown, medium grey, tan, navy and black.

A party or special event can be a celebrative gathering which is informal and calls for light and bright colors like Red, Green and Navy Blue etc. For a wedding, however, you need a quite formal color such as charcoal, grey or dark to medium blue. You may wear black but it's not recommended as other guests may misunderstand you.

While attending a banquet, everything from various shades of grey, to medium blue to burgundy to medium green can look great. In these events, you will see a lot of colors that are in the medium to light range.

Casual events obviously call for suits in casual colors. If you are going out to a bar for drinks or a restaurant or for dancing, clubbing or doing karaoke or going to a concert - then you should be wearing event and season appropriate colors. Dark colors should be avoided at all costs as you will look odd and out of place.

To state succinctly, for color in men's suits, there is no simple straightforward answer. There are ranges of suit colors and within those ranges you will have to apply your knowledge and discretion and make the choice.

Since the color of your suit is the opportunity to make a first impression, choosing the right shade for the right occasion could mean the difference between making a positive or negative impact.

If you seldom wear a suit, a black, charcoal-gray or navy-blue will always be a universal choice. On the other hand, if you wear suits regularly, you will probably want one of each color. Adding suitable accessories such as color shirts and colorful ties will enable you to further enhance your personality.

Thus, if you are considering a business suit and you feel you will look bad in grey but great in dark blue - then by all means wear the dark blue. The same is true for any other occasion and color. You have to select the color that is both appropriate to the event and the color that suits you.

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