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Choosing Mens Suit Separates

Suit Separates
Men's suits are always purchased as an ensemble of suits and pants so that they are made of the same fabric. Traditionally the pants do not had hem so a tailor is needed to hem the pants and make alterations if the suit does not fit well being the correct size. With improvement in quality control of manufacturing garments buying jackets and pants separately has became a fashion. The men's suit separates makes the wardrobe more versatile and adds variety. But mostly men suit consist lounge or business suits and are worn in a formal occasions that range from work to wedding and many other functions. So they need to have more than one full suit to attend the events. But nested suits being costly the emergence of suit separate has come into the market.. The separate purchased of suits allows man to mix and match coat and trousers according to the choice. The purchase of separate suits is also allows savings in time and money for the buyer.

Suit and its varieties
There are different types of suits and suit separates and they change according to fashion . the suits that are traditional are worn with collared shirt and tie and they can be single or double breasted. Single suit con be single row of buttons in front while double breasted with two row buttons. Suita are sold as two piece or three piece. Recently the three piece suit are in fashion. The accessories like hat, watch and tie add elegance to the outfit but they should match the outfit. Suits in these days are also sold in different manners like bespoke , in which the suit is custom made . Then there are made to measure which means pre pattern is modified to fit the customer but they ready to wear which means they were mass produced and less expensive.

Fitted ones
A man with broad shoulders and large waist can get the exact size jacket and pant without the limit of usual 6 to 7 inch drop of nested (Jacket and trouser sold together)suits. So the additional tailoring cost is not required.

Suits are of immediate use
For customers who need to wear a suit the same the suit separate is the only solution. The correct size and correct fitting are chosen which are ready to be worn.

Trouser or jacket may be replaced in case they are damaged
A man can buy two or three trousers at a time for the matching at a time. If the original jacket is ruined then replacement is available as they are purchased separately. If in a suit the jacket or pant is ruined then the entire suit need to be replaced. In majority if suits the trousers are of pleated ones. The pleated ones are not in fashion and they give baggy cut towards the top of the pant and have strong taper effect. They are also worn high on the waist and add extra fabric at the waist and hips making it look bigger than they are. The flat front are in fashion and it can be combined with the jacket to give a stylish and fashionable look. However in suit separates the trousers are available in both pleated and plain front ones.

Difference speciality
The speciality refers to whether the suit is long, short or extra long. The suits that are sold nested the trousers and jackets specialty are the same. For example a long suit will come with long rise trouser but if the customers desires a regular rise trouser then the suit that are sold separately are ideal where the customer has such options

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