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Selecting The Right Suits Shirts And Ties Combination

Suits Shirts And Ties Combination
Combining your shirt and tie has always been a difficult dilemma for many men, especially if you don't wear a shirt and tie very often or you have absolutely no idea about color co-ordination. But with our online shopping portal of MensUSA you do not have to worry about this issue at all. We provide great advice and packaged suits to our customers with a readymade suits shirts and ties combination package.

Whether you intend to wear a suits shirts and tie combination for the office, a formal occasion or a night out, there are a few important principles to adhere to when it comes to shirts and ties. The first rule of combining suits shirts and ties is to keep things simple, if in doubt always wear a tie that is a shade darker than your shirt, avoid too many bright or loud colors and crazy patterns which can look far too messy or busy and will detract attention away from the rest of your outfit.

Wearing a tie that is the same color but a darker shade than your shirt is easy for beginners, but it is also fine to experiment when you feel confident, patterned, checked or striped ties are great, but if you choose this option always ensure you wear a plain shirt, or if you wear a patterned shirt, choose a plain tie. This is a great way to start a combination of suits shirts and ties.

When choosing your attire, ensure that you keep things in proportion, keep tie widths in proportion with your collar lapels, wide lapels wear a wide tie, narrow lapels then wear a narrow or slim tie, also consider the type of knot you use when wearing a wider collar shirt, the Windsor knot is wider and a great space filler. Do not trouble yourself finding these pieces of men's apparel here and there. Just visit our online store and get the best deals on packages of suits shirts and ties.

It is possible to mix colors using contrasting or complimenting colors without too much difficulty, but you may need to be more careful if you decide to mix patterns, generally try and stick to the rule of wearing a plain shirt and patterned tie and vies-versa, this way you will be fairly safe with your combinations. It is possible to mix patterns together, but this isn't for the faint hearted, this could include a striped shirt with a chequered tie or a similar choice, the golden rule is to make sure that patterns are not too similar in size.

If you decide to opt for identical Patterns such as a striped shirt with stripe tie ensure the stripes are in the opposite direction, for example try a vertical striped shirt with a horizontal the striped tie, also ensure the width of the stripes are not similar, then all you need to think about is the color coordination. With some thought, consideration, guidance and readymade combination packages from us at MensUSA you will be able to create a stylish look based on some simple combinations, which will compliment any suits shirts and ties.

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