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The Best Topcoat Is Men's Cashmere Topcoat

A topcoat for men will command respect without sacrificing warmth. You can pair it with a sweater and jeans, or layer it over a suit.Of course, most of us will associate the overcoat with work wear men working in the city, pounding the pavements and losing all of our money. This is where you will find the overcoat most at home, particularly if you have opted for a coat that has a very formal cut and refined features.For centuries, cashmere has been a symbol of refinement. Cashmere evokes an image of rich textures and luxury.

The origins of cashmere
Cashmere wool is sheared from the undercoat of Cashmere goats raised primarily in Kashmir, Tibet and Mongolia. Supplies of raw cashmere are limited, making it classier and highly desirable. For commercial-grade products, the downy undercoat hair must be noticeably softer than the rest of the coarse outer coat. Fibers need to meet necessities of a certain length, color and luster; usually, the longer the fiber, the better the fabric. These stringent restrictions differentiate the difference between the outstanding silky textures of cashmere versus regular wool.

Topcoat Topcoat Topcoat

Cashmere's give:
A higher quality mens cashmere topcoat will spring back into shape when you gently pull on the sides of the garment. Loosely knitted garments do not retain their shape once pulled upon, and this will be very apparent after your first dry cleaning.

Cashmere's weight:
The fabric increases in value when two yarns are twisted together to produce a two-ply weave. The ply refers to the fibers being twisted together to give the knitted topcoat more weight. The more substantial the weight, the more likely the topcoat is to last.

 TopcoatWearing men's cashmere topcoat
Cashmere instantly adds style and superiority to your wardrobe. Brightly colored cashmere can be a strong accent to your outfit, but be careful not to purchase trendy colors. You want pieces that will stay soft and stylish year after year. In its place, go for neutral colors like light beige, light grey or white; these colors are close to the natural color of the fibers and will stay softer.Choose men's cashmere topcoat in traditional. You can preserve the life of your cashmere topcoat by hanging items on a smooth wooden hanger when not in use. Their durability will keep you looking fresh and prolong the life of the garment.To add a dash of excitement to your wardrobe without committing to the look or cost of a topcoat, consider an accessory like a cashmere scarf. You can also be more subtle and add style and comfort with cashmere socks. No matter the garment you choose, wearing cashmere will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

If you choose to go down this route then you won't ever go wrong with a black, navy or grey coat. All of these will be completely interchangeable with your existing work wardrobe and yet still easy enough to dress down at the weekend.You could of course say to hell with conformity and opt for something completely different. Whilst you might think this coat from Reiss is a bit restrictive in colour, think again. It will work perfectly well with black, grey and navy suits, you just need to take quite a big colour leap and wear it with confidence.If you wanted to go for a more country gent look, try finding a coat in green tweed or maybe even a burgundy.

When looking for the perfect overcoat, you must always bear in mind their inherent design features. They are (as is any coat) designed to fit over either a suit or numerous under layers, which will make the coat slightly boxier than you might envisage (and probably bigger on the shoulders) - it's definitely worth trying them on with the clothes you'll most often be wearing under it. It shouldn't be overly slim fitting.With the overcoat being an inherently smart item, the easiest way to wear it casually is to err on the side of smart/casual dressing think good leather shoes, smarter chinos and a shirt.You can of course chuck on a cardigan and mix in some interesting accessories to add that bit of individuality. I saw a chap wearing driving gloves the other day and it looked pretty cool, so when you simply want to take the edge off a chill, they might be worth a look.As per usual, this is a look that can be completely interchangeable with regards to colour and textures, so try switching in some wool trousers or a gingham check shirt. Play around with your coat and see what works best.

If you aren't a fan of any of the other styles of coats currently on the market, then the overcoat is well worth a look. Its clean lines and classic shape, either single or double breasted, will make it last for many seasons to come. Choose carefully and you will have a hugely versatile coat, suitable for both work and the weekend.

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