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The Classic Styles Of Overcoat Men

An overcoat is a heavy coat worn over ordinary clothing in cold weather. The overcoats which made their mark in men's clothing history are of different styles and features. The styles are timeless and will look as good today as they will be after 20 years from now. The first thing to decide on when purchasing an overcoat is length. You can choose between a full-length or a three-fourth length overcoat.

mens overcoat
mens overcoat mens overcoat mens overcoat

A full-length overcoat usually looks dressier than a three fourth length one. They also seem to be more popular amongst older men. Lapels vary along with seasonal trends; you can choose between a classic, long, exaggerated, and wide spaced lapel. A subtle vent often allows the overcoat more flexibility, whether or not the overcoat has a vent in the back. Pockets are always practical whether they're at the waist, hip or chest level.

A Three-fourth length overcoat should fall anywhere between the lower part of your knee and the lower part of your trousers' pockets. This is definitely a younger, more fashionable choice. A well-tailored three-fourth length overcoat is also sure to mold your body perfectly.The next criterion on your list will be selecting between a single and double-breasted overcoat.

To fasten a Double-breasted overcoat, you'll have to lap one edge of the front well over the other. It usually presents a double row of buttons with a single row of buttonholes. Four and six-button double-breasted overcoats are available. Some exceptions aside, double-breasted overcoats will go in and out of style every few years; it's part of the fashion cycle. So if you're not a trendy person by nature, then I suggest you purchase a double-breasted overcoat on the condition that you already have a fine looking single-breasted one.

 mens overcoat Many double-breasted overcoats are equipped with matching belts, which you can tie around your waist or just let hang. I must say that I'm not a big fan of belts, except on traditional military style overcoats. Make sure your overcoat fits squarely around your shoulders and waist.

A single-breasted overcoat closes with a narrow overlap and fastens down in front with a single row of buttons. You'll usually find three or four-button single-breasted overcoats. A single-breasted overcoat is generally more practical as it can be worn open and doesn't always need to be buttoned up. A well-tailored single-breasted overcoat also provides a more slimming appearance.For making overcoats Cashmere is far and away the most popular fabric of all the fabrics. Cashmere wool is extremely warm, as well as rich looking.

Remember maintaining an overcoat is a difficult task as mostly the materials used in making overcoats are moth friendly. Men must sure the overcoat they have or want to purchase does not have any stains or moth holes because fixing them will be either very expensive or impossible. Choosing a proper and right overcoat according to the occasion attains good impression to the onlookers. Selecting a fine looking overcoat can be a nightmare.

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