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The Exotic Alligator Cowboy Boot

1920s Tuxedo Cowboy boots have been a favorite of all fashionable men and women all round the globe since long. Although these boots were worn especially by the cowboys who used to travel long distances on horseback taking care of their cattle and sheep. But the utility and the style of the Alligator cowboy boots attracted the fashion conscious individuals at large and with the growth of the footwear technology, designers presented the world with designer boots that became the most sought after footwear.

Cowboy boots were initially made from cowhide and had high heels, high shaft, rounded or pointed toes without laces often. But today, cowboy boots are manufactured from some of the exotic leathers like alligator, ostrich, snake, lizard, elephant, stingray, eel and many other special animal skins.

Basic Two Styles
The two basic styles of cowboy boots are the western or classic boots and the ropers. These boots again have their own specific styles and cuts and you can choose the ones according to the purpose you are going to wear them. Whatever the variety is, all these boots are extremely sturdy and gives ultimate comfort to the wearer. Apart from wearing them to work sites and trekking, the designer cowboy boots are a part of the fashion world and are those pairs of boots that are the owners' pride. Since they are exclusive wears, there are no duplicate pairs of boots of these kinds.

Types of Materials used to make the special Cowboy Boots
The standard of the boots depend largely on the materials used today. The color, prints, patches, designs, heels and cuts are equally important factors that make these boots so popular among celebrities and fashion freaks. But Alligator Cowboy Boots have gained the topmost position among theExotic shoes. Each pair has its own characteristics and come with various features. You will get different sizes for men as well as women. The colors and variation in styles too are numerous.

You will get Alligator Cowboy Boots that have laces, are ankle-high and some are thigh-high also. Women's boots are extremely attractive that makes a women feel confident and move about in style. Some of them are so well designed that they make a women with slender legs look even sexier. The quality fits and comfort factors are never ignored by the makers of these boots.

Alligator skin is tough and so the boots made from this skin is durable and has a luxurious look too. But you need to take care of your Alligator cowboy boots to maintain the polish and show of the boots. The prices of these boots are higher than other simple boots as the professionals put in a lot of time and hard work in making these amazing boots. If you are planning to buy a pair of these exotic Alligator cowboy boots this winter to protect your feet from all hazards and also establish a style statement of your own, look out for the best of boots at for the perfect pairs that will make a style icon.

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