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The Velvet Tuxedo Jacket- Takes Your Style To A New Height

 James Bond Tuxedo As long as the wardrobe staples go, the velvet tuxedo jacket is a mark of timeless style. Even though the black tie tuxedo may be the norm for most formal event, it has managed to break free of the tradition and showed itself as a separate style weapon. The tuxedo jacket has managed to form a niche of its own and has found a suitable in place is casual settings as well. The velvet tuxedo jacket can now be worn with a satin striped trousers quite comfortably as it is with a trouser. We bring out the smartest range of formal wear, footwear and accessories. Every item available is also carefully selected to give bring the best.

How to wear it smart

The traditional look
A black velvet tuxedo jacket paired with black sleek trousers will give a timeless and sleek style. From style icons, silvers screen stars to business executives, this is one of the most preferred style. Break the look and go for a crisp white shaded shirt beneath the jacket and a black bowtie. Complete the look with a black bowtie and a pocket square. For footwear pick up black formal shoes.

The talking point style
For a semi formal look go for tux jacket. Wear it with a white shirt and matching maroon trouser. Since the jacket is velvet go for a different fabric in case of trouser. Wear it with a clack or gray printed tie and an off white pocket square. Seal the look with a velvet shoes.

How to wear it casual- smart

The super casual look
Wear the velvet tuxedo jacket for the most casual events. You can team it with a brown dress shirt along with a blue tuxedo jacket with contrast lapels. This will add on to the stylish look. Complete the look with a brown loafer. In case of trouser, go for slim fit style. This will give you the perfect smart casual balance.

Say no to black tie
Include color to what is the muted option. Wear white shirt with a solid color trouser like orange and a white shirt. Include a black velvet tuxedo jacket and seal the look with brown brogues. However in case of tuxedo jacket you can also go in for camel or beige color.

The black tie event look
Apart from these you can even sport a black velvet tuxedo jacket at the black tie event. In that case wear it with a white shirt and matching trousers. In case of tie, bow tie is what looks best. If you want to get the tuxedo look, you can either go for black or white tuxedo jacket. Wear it with a white or white shirt depending on the jacket color.

You can select velvet tuxedo jacket from the various colors, you can also select from the different style. For men who are slim should go for double breasted tuxedo jacket, whereas men who are on the heavier side should go for single breasted style. We bring out an outstanding variety and an updated collection of men's formal wear and accessories. So, we are the one stop when it comes to formal wear.

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