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The Ongoing Trend Of Double Breasted Vests

Double Breasted Vests The Mens Double Breasted Vests were quite in fashion especially in the 1950s. It was once obligatory for all men to war these at the formal events. This style became popular since it keeps the body warm due to its double layer. This is the reason why it was a decorative as well as functional piece of attire.

It is even capable of hiding the shirt front. The detachable collar and cuffs also came into existence because of these double breasted vests. Even though it is a matter of personal taste, this vest style has remained in fashion and continues to do so even today. These vests even add on to the color distinction. It is believed that a morning suit without the vest is like a tuxedo without the bow tie. For the morning suits these are more of a necessity than just an important accessory.

Elucidating slim suits
The double breasted vests even come with two styles- back vent and vent less. It is a matter of personal choice as which one to wear. Modern men however prefer the vent less style more. There are various textures, fabric and color to choose from.

Who can wear it?
Men who have slim body can wear these Double Breasted Vests. This tends to add volume to the body and gives it proper shape. On the other hand, these vests are not suitable for men who are bulky as it adds on the bulk and make them appear fatter.

Wearing it right

  • The double breasted vests consist of tapered buttons; you will hardly find the vest buttons in two parallel rows.

  • Since these keep the body warm, wear them in the winters. Avoid wearing them in hot temperature. But if you are too keen to wear one, go for the one that has less overlap.

  • Choose from the various lapel options. Each of them varies in the width, pick up from peak or shawl collar style.

  • Morning vests reveal less of the shirt front and tie as compared to the evening one. So if you wish to show off your shirt go for the evening vest.

The fabric and color selection
When it comes picking up colors stick to the traditional white and black for the formal events. However Mens Double Breasted Vests are also available in some vibrant color and pattern. If you wish to be more experimenting in terms of style you can go for these. You can pick up from gray, beige, navy colors as well. Pastel shades too are quite popular. Go for pink, green or blue.

The backless or back
The traditional back vent is not ideal for extremely summer months as the extra layer of the cloth acts as insulation. This is one of the best ways to beat the heat in style. However most men prefer back vents.

Wearing it right
The double breasted vests are the most stylish option for the slim men to add some volume. These are ideal for all occasions and for all ages. Shop from our collection of men's clothing and get the best deals. We bring out exclusive collection that is hard to miss.

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