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Wear Windowpane Blazer To Enhance Your Masculinity

 James Bond TuxedoMost of the men of new generation do not like to wear plaid suits and they have enough valid reasons and right to express their thought. They think plaid is for aged people and not at all a trendy apparel to consider wearing. However, various designers have started working on this old-school style to reinvent and recreate a new-school treatment. With the advancement in fashion world, nowadays, designers and reputable clothing brands are coming up with stylish and fashionable look of plaid style especially for urban professional. Now, you can have three different options in plaid formal wear with distinct qualities such as windowpane blazer , glen plaid and Prince of Wales.

Complete Analysis of New - Generation Plaid Style

The Windowpane - This type of coats or jackets are designed with horizontal pinstripe with intersection for creating box effect.

The Glen Plaid - The uniqueness of glen plaid is its twill fabric that is a cotton-based material. However, the weaving method is quite different creating parallel sloping lines across the entire garment creating a pattern of broken checks.

The Prince of Wales - Now, whenever you find a cloth that is a combination of glen and windowpane style, it should be considered as Prince of Wales.

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Perfect Attire for Modern Professionals

Earlier people used to face limitations in choices of their formal attire and some colors and apparel were mandatory as they were the part of the uniform for various working men. Nowadays, people use to wear outfit according to their profession. Therefore, the outfit of businessperson is completely different from the one who works in public sector or in some other place. You might have noticed that mens navy blazer is quite popular in the educational and sport field. With the pressure of keeping your persona enigmatic both in professional and personal world, people want to look perfect all the time. In order to stand out in crowd, you should consider wearing plaid suits for once. Moreover, the most interesting facts of plaid suits are they can be worn separately with other apt garment.

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