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Gray blazers

While fashion is an ever-changing business, there are some simple fashion guidelines that can help men look classy no matter the current fashion climate. Blazers are one such timeless piece of clothing that has never failed to spot out that perfect look. Having said that, while being aware of what to wear, when to wear and how to wear is said to help, the choice of color is another important decision that can outsmart you. Yes! More than knowing what, when and how, the color choice can make you even more stylish and masculine.

Classified under the category of neutral and timeless, gray has been called the new brown and the new black, although some say that it is the new white. In general, it is also believed that the navy blazer has been swapped as the key piece of a man's closet by its gray counterpart. Moreover dress codes have become more relaxed and comfortable than what it was during the olden days. Therefore, playing with the options is not going to be wrong, as long as you are making it right.

During the past, gray was often thought to be a sterile, dull tone of color, however today's grays are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Offering a wide array of possibilities, grays are more complex than cream or white. When combined with a variety of tints, they provide a calming and elegant look. With wide ranging shades, there are endless possibilities to pull off that look you are expecting to make.

Having said all that, although black is considered as the reigning victor, grey blazers are undoubtedly on the rise for its elegance quotient. People who have always had preference for black can go with grey, as they are one among the most fine-looking colors a guy can prefer. Best part is that, it goes well in all environments. Also, you can consider wearing this in any type of weather at any time of the year and its neutral grey tones make it easy to match up with any color. With regards to wedding, groomsmen always go with this color including the groom and this goes very well in a beach setting. If you are looking for a refined change without going overboard then make sure that you go with grey.

Gray blazers!

When it comes to blazers, not taking any sides, black or white has been the tone of preference for years. This theory does no longer exist. With a wide range of color options, gray has always captured many hearts and is still continuing win hearts. It is a hushed, calming color that can create a pleasant and professional look. When paired with the right trendy color tones, they can offer excitement and style, not murkiness.

Having said that, there are so many beautiful gray hues that add warmth feel!


The blazer what we know today seems to have evolved from two genesis. Commonly associated with traditional gentlemen's sport, this might come as a surprise to you; this piece of semi-formal clothing started as an athletic wear. Made of heavy flannel, most traditional blazers are soft shouldered, unlined because they were meant for cold early morning training sessions, or rainy days (athletic wear). As a substitute to the full suit, in the early part of the last century, the blazer paired up with non-matching pants was considered more casual and comfortable.


For events, where a suit jacket is too ceremonial, but a sophisticated and professional look is still important, blazers are the way to go! The right shade of gray blazer can go from the office to a casual night out. This color is a must-have in August and September and the main advantage is that they perfectly match with the tanned skin.


As with style, you can consider a two or three button blazer and it changes your look for each day. These days you can find blazers that come with notched lapels, button cuffs, center back vents, and under-collar meltons and it is these small features that add charming appeal and flexibility.

How to combine a blazer?

It can be worn with different types of trousers and shirt tie combinations just like vests / waistcoats; this piece of clothing is very variable.

What color to match with gray?

Almost all colors go well with gray; however you should be on the watch out as of which one will best go with your complexion. It can be paired with navy, brown, tan or black pants, and the brown blazer with navy, black, gray and tan pants.

Although gray is a neutral color that goes well with any complexion type, the shade you match with it matters, also depending on the event, you need to select the colors. With that said, make sure that you introduce colors that suit your style, complexion and lifestyle.

When you want to give out a contemporary look, make sure that you pair it up with white color, for the reason that, it creates a clean and sophisticated look. By pairing gray with white, you can emanate a nice level of contrast with crisp clean look.

A blazer jacket with a jean is also a good idea, when you wanted to appear in a casual setting. It gives out a minimalist style, without the stuffiness of the suit, however the trick is to match up the right blazer with the right jeans. What to wear with a Blazer and Jeans? From a lightly-patterned dress shirt and leather shoes, it pairs well with anything, however try to go light and dark; play with colors and pattern, but to a point.

Finally, where you shop matters! Never compromise quality; there are several shops online that sells quality blazers coupled with durability without compromising quality. When you shop at Mensusa you are sure to enjoy the structured construction and flattering details of every item. Here we've put together some perfect gray blazers that would best match your occasion.


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