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What To Consider When Buying Suits For Men?


Today, men have a lot of options when comes to choosing their suits. There are a number of styles, patterns available in the suit for men. A suits make the personality of a man, it is an expression of who he is and how he puts himself in front of the world. By keeping some essential tips in mind, buying a men’s suit is as easy as a cake. There are various considerations that the buyer must keep in mind.


Fabric And Color-

Fabric and color- the best fabric for suits are wool. Wool doesn’t wrinkle easily like cotton. It is also skin friendly and gives a comfortable feeling to it. Tweeds can be great for the winter season but as it is quite bulky, overweight so one should avoid it. However, of all the types of wool, worsted wool is the perfect combination of style and comfort. This kind of wool is perfect for office wear as it doesn’t cause wrinkles. Tropical wool on the other hand is perfect for summery weather. But its main drawback is that it wrinkles quite fast. Apart from wool linen too is a popular choice for men’s suits. Choosing the color of the suits is a matter of preference, but it should be carefully chosen. As per a rule, it is believed that a common should possess four colors of suits- navy blue, black, brown and charcoal gray. A good combination of shirt and tie also renders the suit a perfect look.



fitting is the first criteria that need attention. The jacket should perfectly fit over the shoulder and provide shape to the chest and arm. The seam should also perfectly sit over the shoulder’s edge. The sleeve of the jacket too should not exceed the thumb joint. When the jacket is buttoned at the front, it should hang on to the body comfortably without any crease towards the button gap. Suits aren’t complete without pants. Therefore, even the pant should fit perfectly as not being too tight or too loose.

The Different Options Based On Style

Choosing from among various types of suit for men isn’t a difficult task. The buyer should be aware of the four basic types that are available-

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Two buttoned suits- it is the most common of all the types that are available and is single breasted. Although it suits men of all body types but it is perfect for men with a round body.

Three buttoned suits- it gives a contemporary look and also portrays a youthful image. It is also a single breasted suit and is perfect for men with slender body type.

Mandarin suits- it is the most unique of all the types and with the traditional eastern cultural influence. This kind of suit can either come with many buttons or no buttons at all.

Double breasted suit- this type of suit usually looks the best on men with taller features.

Some More Options Based On The Type


Pinstripe suits- these types of suit for men come with the coat, the slacks, the tie and the shirt. These suits usually have two to three buttons on the jacket. As the name suggests these suits have stripes that run down vertically. Generally the material of the suit is of a darker shade as compared to the stripe.

Windowpane suits- this has the same cut and fabric of any common buttoned down suit. A unique thing about the style of this suit is that instead of stripes there are patterns in it like the window pane. This adds contrast and depth to the suit.

• Tuxedos- all descriptions of suits remains incomplete without the mention of tuxedos. These are generally for special events and come in various styles. A tux is a tail that extends from behind the length of the coat. It is generally worn with cummerbunds.

Solid colored suits- these solid or single colored suits are a class apart especially if the buyer goes for brighter shades other like brown or black or gray. These suits are available in shades like brown, blue as well as bright orange too.

•Linen suits- these are the most in thing in men’s fashion. These are extremely comfortable, stylish to look at and also easily accessible. Various pattern work and colors work well in these types of quality suits.


Must Have Accessories

Men’s suits remain incomplete without the proper accessories that compliment the look. These are shoes, belt, tie and also a shirt. The look of the suit is enhanced a lot by these accessories. Generally to be on the safer sides, it is better to wear black shoes as it can never go wrong with any color suit. Even socks play an important role too. When choosing socks it is best to go for socks that match the pant. When it comes with shirt, any light color shirt works well and is also safe, like light blue or white. Ties, on the other hand, should match the shirt. Suit for men are hence incomplete without the right kind of accessory.

Tips To Buy Suits

When purchasing suits it is also required to find out the right kind of store that can cater to your needs well. Apart from fitting, accessories, cuts etc looking for the right store is also essential. It is also essential to try before purchasing mens suits online. The suit should be well fitted too, not too light nor too loose. Before leaving the store it is required to check the suit properly. As suit marks a man, having a various kinds of suits in a wardrobe is essential. These are various suits for every occasion and therefore, a true man is one who is fashionable and must possess one of each. There are generally different kinds of suit for men for different functions. Each has its own style. Firstly, the single breasted navy color one, the second should be a gray or solid charcoal colored one and the third the banker’s stripe or the pinstripe one.

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