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Latest Fashion Trends In Mens Clothing


Men’s dressing is an integral part of his identity. Every man wants to appear his best. The evolution of the fashion trends with the changing time have taken a center stage in today’s fast paced world. Every single individual is looking for ways to surge ahead in life. From marriage to funeral to office joining to hangout, everything has a certain dress code and human emotions are strongly connected with it. There are many who desire to remember what they wore on their first date or a piece of clothing that were gifted on a special occasion and hold a close place in your heart. Men are very particular about what they wear as it is the only thing that can reflect their personality and attitude, unlike the women.

The men’s clothing is not just about style and look, you must have a thorough knowledge of the attire you wear and you also must know the exact outfit for the right occasion. When you walk into a gathering it is very important that you connect with the people around. When in an office for a meeting or an interview, your presence must be such that you impress your employers for a promotion or to bag the job. Similarly when you are attending a wedding ceremony or hanging out with friends, your attire must reflect the mood of the event to attract attention of the onlookers.

The men are well aware of the fact that the fashion scenario is booming and to create a strong impression, it is very important to appear the best and stand out in the colossal crowd. The men’s clothing and the latest fashion trends give you the space to connect through various stages of human emotions in varied areas of life. The best men’s clothing portal MENSUSA ensures that you get the best outfits as per your requirement with the best service all across the globe.

1. Evolution of men’s fashion

The men’s formals fashion has evolved through the years. There’s a saying by Mark Twain, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” The evolution in men’s fashion has been understated yet noteworthy. From the use of different material and texture to various colors and patterns, men’s fashion has come up with the most innovative and stylish attires through the years. The purpose of dressing remained the same amongst men’s changing fashion in spite of the cultural and economic revolution. The progression in men’s fashion has just one purpose and that is to appear sophisticated and classy and acquire an elegant and attractive look.

1.1 Historic progression of men’s outfit

The evidence of a man, using otter skin in any form, exists even in 30000 BC. Man is the only species which covers its body parts. Clothes fulfilled the basic purpose like prevention of injury to specific parts of the body. It also prevented them from harsh weather.

Probably using the benefit of clothing is one of the key reasons for human civilization. Human being felt the need for clothes just like they did for food and shelter.

Even in the earlier age, men used several kinds of dress material. Before the introduction of textiles, men used various kinds of skin of animals and plants as their clothing fabric.

1.2 Material

a. Bark of tree – Earlier, men used sun dried bark of the tree. The bark of a tree is generally weather-proof and durable.

b. Animal skin – This medium is still very popular. In the earlier times, men used the skin of the animal which they hunted for food. The skin was cleaned, dried and cut into shape. Evidences of dresses made out of animal skin for upper and lower body exists since the Stone Age.

c. Grass and plants – The cave paintings often depict the early humans in a skirt made out of dried grass or plants. These outfits were comfortable to use. Unlike animal skin, grass was available in abundance, they could replace the same as often as they like.

d. Cotton – cotton was grown in Egypt since the days of the Pharaohs. Even at that age, men could understand the importance of cotton as the best medium for clothing. Cotton could be converted to yarn and thus, transformed to cloth using a loom even 3000 years back. There are numerous paintings of that era recovered in Egypt by archeologists where we can see men wearing cotton attire, weaving the yarn or cultivating the same.

e. Silk – Silk always had a premium position as dress material. Obtaining the raw material from nature was a difficult process. The cocoon of the insect had to be found out. They were then processed to get the thread for weaving

1.3 Style and fashion

Human being understood the importance of fashion even thousands of years back. Men in the earlier times were also stylish. If you look at the attire of an Egyptian pharaoh or an Indian King, you can very well get an idea that in those days also people were equally and elaborately stylish. The efforts that went to create those dresses are unimaginable in modern times. They had always wanted to look beautiful and smart. During the period from 1000 BC to 500 AD, men’s clothes were far more complicated and elaborate than what it is today. It was made out of multiple medium embellishments and was accompanied by numerous accessories.

i. Color - Dyes were in use since the early days. The human race took efforts to prepare colorful extracts from plants. They drew pictures on their dress which depicted their daily life

ii. Texture – Multiple weaving patterns existed even for around 5000 years ago.

iii. Finishing attire – Stitching of a dress was practiced from the early days. They used ropes to tie the dress which was later replaced by buttons. Buttons were made of wood, stone, bones and metals. These buttons were hand crafted. Besides button, they also used decorative items. They used linings and laces, precious metals and stones. Their dress had a theme. It was for the occasion.

2. Fashion outfit a Signature statement establishing the human connect

The dressing has a functional need besides the decorative aspect. A completely dressed man has not more than his palm and face exposed. The functional aspect of dressing is the basic reason. However, the visual element of a man is largely dependent on what he is wearing.

2.1 Purpose of dressing

Men dress to be physically comfortable as per temperature, humidity, and wind speed. He tames nature through his dressing.

Men dress to participate in his environment. Man has created situations, places and moods. Dressing is as per these attributes. The entire activity goes on as a concert where outfit forms a part of the composition. Anyone who is not dressed as per requirement is out of tune.

2.2 Key attributes of men's attire

Fashion has been an integral part of both men and women for quite a long time. Although style and fashion are often perceived to be dominated by women, men too are not far behind. The modern men have a very sensible style of dressing up and it clearly shows from the wide range of men’s clothing. Men are becoming more cautious about their day to day look. For men dressing is no more a boredom. Men try to look their best at all places. Off all the attributes of men’s clothing, the key factor is the good feeling of appearing the best. The formal wear dominates men’s fashion by and large. Men can choose from a wide range of options for the formal attire. Over the years men’s fashion too has underwent a lot of change especially when it comes to formal wear like suits and tuxedos in different patterns and textures. There is different attire for different situations. Mensusa is the one stop portal for all the needs of men’s clothing and accessories. The collection and variety is unmatched.

Men get a variety of options to choose from even in formal clothing. Each of the formal wear is particularly designed for the right occasion. It is believed that fashion is not constant and breaks all norms. Therefore, men’s attire appears to be the one to lead such a revolution. Men’s clothing is breaking the barriers of colors. The colors are no more categorized. The men have taken to experiment with colors, patterns and fabrics

However, apart from these the main features of men’s clothing are the style, comfort, design and functionality and last but not the least, the quality. Modern men are never ready to compromise on style whichever clothing is concerned. As men lead a busy life, comfort is the first priority of a man. As men are considered to be very specific about their choice, therefore, choosing the right attire that very well portrays their personality is a must. There are some minor considerations that men focus while selecting the attire, like the cut, the size, the style, and the purpose for which it is purchased.

2.3 The thoughts behind Men’s fashion

Men’s fashion needs equal amount of care and effort to create a unique statement through the ages. It can be said that men’s fashion has transformed over the years as nowadays the approach of men are more bold and experimental in terms of fashion and style.

2.3.1 Transformation in Men’s Fashion through Ages

In different ages, different style or fashion statement for men appear because each age has its own impression. Men’s fashion over the years depends upon many things such as social structure, economy, class division, profession and many more. For example, people can differentiate the changes in Men’s fashion from 60’s style to present day style easily. The thought behind Men’s fashion was to be presentable and smart and women insisted men to flaunt a fashion statement to stand out among others. In earlier ages, the fashion for men was not divided into so many sections like today. That time, they only used to wear two different types of garments based on outdoor time and indoor time. Therefore, nowadays the men wear different types of clothing depending upon the occasion and purpose. For example, they wear formal clothes most of the time as they are spending much time at their workplace. They use informal or party attire when attending any party or informal event. Otherwise, they use casual clothing to stay comfortable and also wear designer clothes for special purposes such as marriage, award ceremony etc.

2.3.2 Main Concern of Men Regarding their Fashion Statement

Today’s men are very particular about their clothing. They also want to look perfect every time as per fashion sense goes. They have to choose different attires for different purposes to upgrade their wardrobe. Men should also use color variation in their garments. To create a signature statement, men have to follow some basic fashion treatment. They need to make a collection of the different selective type of garments suitable for appropriate purposes. For example, they should have some best brand’s tuxedos, suits for wearing in formal professional or personal programs.

Having signature statements not only means perfect clothing, Men’s whole look has to be perfect. For having the ideal look, a man also need to choose proper matched footwear and apt accessories. Accessories such as belts, ties, wrist watches etc. play an important part in creating the signature statement. Hence, the thoughts behind Men’s fashion always are to look elegant, classy yet trendy and fashionable over the time by enhancing their personality.

3. Dressing and life go hand in hand

We often come across the statements like “Dress as per occasion” or “Immaculately dressed men”. Men dress as per the time, situation and mood. Dressing reflects life. The dress rules have defined. Those who defy the rule are actually participating in evolution of new rules. One can study how jeans have taken its place in modern dressing. In the middle of the last century, jeans did not find its place in different situations. However, it has now become the trend to wear jeans in those situations.

3.1 Dress for Different Times of the Day

People have a wrong notion that women can only be stylish and fashionable all through the day but men cannot. However, men can easily carry their signature fashion statement both in professional and personal world. In the new-age world, men are highly conscious about their image. They are always trying to maintain their style statement throughout the day. Nowadays, man spends the majority of their time in their professional arena. They are also aware of dressing sense in terms of day or evening time. People cannot wear anything and everything in daytime as well as evening time. They need to break the monotony of wearing the same dress throughout the day in different places. It does not look good and men will not feel relaxed by wearing the same outfit in different times of the day.

3.1.1 Exclusive Tips for Men’s Fashion for Day Time

Men should choose and buy their garments especially formal wear as per the specific time. For instance, while wearing a tuxedo you must know in which occasion the attire will be perfect. You just cannot wear any casual dress at the official party at day or night. The lighter color is the best for the daytime and the darker shade for the night. You can wear colorful linen and cotton shirts and pants during a hot summer day. You can also team it up with matching ties and correct formal shoes. Options for wool, silk shirt, jackets and cardigans during days of winter are the best choice. As men also travel a lot for official purpose, they need to feel comfortable throughout the day in whatever they wear. If you have any meeting or seminar at daytime, opt for formal suits to look classy and fashionable. You can check the recommendations from online stores like www.mensusa.com.

3.1.2 Men’s Different Clothing for Different Purpose at Night

Generally, men always prefer formal attire for attending any evening program whether it is personal or professional. They just need to remember the basic guidelines of dressing up for different events. The trick is to change the style and pattern of your clothes while attending different places at night. Men can wear a nice looking tuxedo. The black or white colored tuxedo can give you a dignified appearance whereas, you can go for fur coats or jackets if you are going to any personal meeting. Men can even opt for leather jackets if you are attending some kind of party. They also need to take care of accessories matching as per day or evening outfit. They can go for leather boots or exclusive rare animal skin boots to go with their evening attire. Last but not the least, an apt wristwatch and the belt can offer a complete look to a Man.

The difference between day and evening wear for men depends upon color, fabric and style of men’s fashion. Therefore, men can efficiently differentiate and change their clothing according to different times of the day just by following the above suggestions.

3.2 Dress for different age group

Breaking the shackles of age depending on style cliché can add a lot of value to any man’s wardrobe. It is very simple for any man to stand out against the herd with his own fashion. There is a different style that men of different age can flaunt. Men of different age have different style; therefore there is numerous scope of experimentation. The right kind of attire at the right age enhances the look. With age men developed an individual style and comfort level. Each man has a typical style and choice of attire. A man, who is about 20 years of age and a hardcore professional, sticks to formal suits of dark or light shades and black formal shoes. Fitting of the attire is the most essential aspect of men of this age. At this age men chose to wear slim fit blazers that look simple yet sophisticated. As this is the age where men understand the various types and needs of a formal wear, they often try to experiment with their personal look. Men prefer slim fit, regular fit and ultra slim fit trousers. An offbeat shaded blazer is another must have for men. Linen suits and two button suits are the choice for men aged 20.

For men of 30 years, the wardrobe expansion is not their ultimate goal unlike the 20 years. Their main aim is to make room for quality clothes in the wardrobe. It is this time of the age, when men develop their signature style. Men of this age prefers business suit of mainly black or white color or the tuxedos for some special events and even semi formal wear. Sports blazers and coats are an all time favorite as they can be worn at all events. At this age men gets a clear idea of what to wear and therefore, has a separate collection of formal wear for business meetings, formal gatherings, office tours, parties etc. Men understand the need of the right kind of accessory; therefore stick to cuff-links and belts that are simple yet stylish. Men aged 30 plus even prefer slim fit suits.

By the time men reach the age of 40 they already develop their own sense of fashion and style. Whatever, a man wears he looks well if he can carry it well. However, at this age men stick to formal shirts, coats, jackets or blazers of various materials and cut. Adding a tinge of color at this age can bring back the youth. Therefore, an olive blazer or brown trousers can work wonders. Pinstripe suits are something adored by men. However, as age plays important role men at the age of 50 years prefer to keep the formal attire simple. Therefore, there are simple cut coats; suits of light shades or black are mostly preferred. Men of all ages get to choose from single or double breasted suits and jackets. Men also choose between one to 4 button suits for all occasions. As dressing one’s age is an art therefore, men of all age prefer to keep it simple and not overdo it.

3.3 Men’s Fashion as per season

Men should opt for their dress as per the season. In today’s world men has to spend most of their time at their workplace. They have to attend various official meetings, parties, seminars, and gatherings besides traveling a lot. Keeping this scenario in mind, it would be a lot easier if men choose their attire in terms of different seasons and events of their life. The fashion world is evolving with new ideas every time. The manufacturer of Men’s apparel is always trying to experiment and create something new in the most complicated area of Men’s fashion that is formal wear.

3.3.1 Mens Suits for Different Seasons

Men suffer lots of problems, while selecting their seasonal apparels, as they get confused about what and what not to wear. To solve this problem, men just need to concentrate on the materials of their clothing. Dress material is the key factor of seasonal wear. For instance, in hot summer days, men have to opt for their shirts, suits, tuxedos, pants, trouser made with cotton and linen materials to stay comfortable all day. Therefore, men can even use this cotton and linen made garments in springtime. Just they need to remember the color, accessories and footwear matching parts while getting ready for any vital occasion.

Likewise, men also need to check the dress material while choosing winter garments. They can go for woolen made clothes during winter. Men’s winter apparel such as tuxedo, jackets, suits, coat, cardigan etc made with wool, velvet, corduroy give them utmost comfort and warmth. These materials made apparels are best options for serving both the purpose of looking fashionable and feeling at ease. Men use gloves, hats, scarves, socks and cold proof shoes during winter season whereas, they wear hats and sunglasses during the summer for sun protection. Popular online website www.mensusa.com brings special offers every season with latest fashion at great prices.

3.3.2 Universal Appeal of Seasonal Men’s Attire

There are many branded Men’s apparel companies available in the market. These manufacturers offer a wide range of Men’s dress collection by season. Designers all over the world also show their collection for the different seasons. They divide the area into the spring summer collection and an autumn winter collection as the dress materials serve the purpose that way only. Wearing cotton garments in winter days and woolen one in summer days will not only make men uncomfortable, they will also look odd among the group. Men do not have to worry about the expense of purchasing clothes as per the season because generally if they opt for branded clothes that will last longer to serve their purpose. Online stores since the last five years have come up with entire range. One may check www.mensusa.com for some exciting offers.

Sometimes those belonging to higher society want to add exclusive items in their closet such as camel hair coat, leather jackets etc. These expensive items generally serve all season purpose. Men should select and buy their accessories as per season too. They need to have some basic color or colorful scarves made of cotton, silk, wool; ties with different designs and patterns, hats made for all season purpose, gloves for different seasons etc. Generally, silk is luxurious material to wear through all season. By following these above guidelines men can easily organize their clothing line in terms of seasons.

4. Value of Proper dressing

There are variations in Men’s dresses. There are categories and sub categories. One need to understand and dress to the occasion, time and season. For a simple item like mens suit, there are versions like Tuxedos, Single button suits, 2 button suits, 4 & 5 button suits, Zoot suits, slim fit suits, Designers suits and many more. You may log in to www.mensusa.com and find many variations with suitable description. The value of proper dressing is immense.

4.1.Proper Dressing helps in Positioning of Self-Image

Proper dressing can change an individual’s thought process. When you are dressing up for your professional work on regular basis, the regularity of maintaining a dressing style helps to learn about value of discipline. In this competitive world, men are becoming more conscious about self-image whether in professional or in personal world. Almost all men are careful about their systematic dress-up. Most men are aware of how to dress properly for different occasions. There are online portals like www.mensusa.com from where a person can learn about what is available without exploring the showrooms. Men with proper dressing style win every people’s heart at first sight. First impression is very important as per personal and professional relationship bonding goes.

4.1.1 Dress in Right Manner

If men want to dress-up perfectly, they have to put effort to understand his position in society and self-image. They have to choose right clothes keeping the purpose in mind. Choosing the right suit for the occasion is important. A sports jacket cannot go well in a business seminar. You would need a suit, two buttons or single button. The colors and patterns of dress is an important for proper dressing. Men should select apt and matched accessories and footwear with their clothes. Their attire should be ironed perfectly, footwear should be polished, jackets, coats or tuxedos should be brushed, and ties should be matched well enough to make their effort visible to others. It is encouraging when men get compliment for their style and dressing sense.

4.1.2 Proper Dressing to Influence people

For positioning of self-image, men need to choose right color and pattern to match their personality. They need to understand that different colors and patterns create different images and send messages to others. To create a signature fashion statement, men need to realize not only the basics of fashion but they also have to make sure that they have dressing sense. They need not have total grip of fashion industry but one must be intelligent enough to login to online portals like www.mensusa.com to explore every option of dressing along with suitable descriptions. Every man wants to look presentable and fashionable but all cannot maintain their self-image throughout the day.

4.2 Dressing to the occasion helps to bring success

Dressing with confidence is even more important than style and fashion. The truth about right dressing is that it shows how an individual feels. It is believed that men feel first and dress later. Therefore, even when men are dressing for a particular occasion they are likely to consider a lot of factors. Before a man speaks, his dress and his grooming create the impression. Dressing for a job interview and a social gathering are two completely different things and there the attire should be selected wisely. Arriving in a casual dress for a job interview makes the interviewer believe that the person is too casual in attitude. Men therefore, prefer suit when turning up for an interview or for a business meeting.

4.2.1 Success comes in perfect attire

Formal attire is perfect for official occasions or ceremonies like weddings or funerals and never fails to make a mark. There are other events as well which can make men the show stealer, like business parties, formal events. Men usually prefer various kinds of suits like sports coat, jacket, linen, slim fit. Apart from selecting the type of formal attire, there are color choices also. Even the right attire in the wrong shade can hamper one’s personality. Men prefer shades of black, gray, charcoal and navy blue for their single button, two button or four button suits. Men prefer to stay away from flashy colors when choosing formal attire. A formal wear is always incomplete without the right kind of accessories. Nothing can beat a white shirt, a tie and a coat or a jacket for a formal meeting.

4.2.2 Your dress would communicate

Today’s men prefer to look elegant and stylish when they aim to walk the corridors of power. The right dress for the right occasion can do wonders and can never be wrong. It must always be kept in mind that men make a statement of everything they wear. It is rightly being said that the right clothes makes a man. Research has shown that physical visual element is 55% of the overall communication. Therefore, the right attire surely can bring desired success in every occasion

5. Wardrobe planning

Men love to shop. Buying clothes can be addictive. Options are many. Resources are limited. If you purchase cloths you would need to spend money, store them and maintain them. One needs to act intelligently before spending money. Often we end up buying when the salesman persuades us. Online purchase is definitely a great option. One may browse through the pages of popular sites like www.mensusa.com.

5.1 Must Haves Outfits for Proper Wardrobe of Men

A wardrobe should be complete. Men should collect right style of clothes for different occasions and situations he has to experience during the day. To make a man’s wardrobe collection complete, one needs to know what are the basics or must haves for men’s clothing line. All the basic necessary attire should be in place before going for exclusive items. The formal collection may be Single button suits, 2 button suit, 4 & 5 button suits, Zoot suits, slim fit suits. Designers suits. Smart casuals may consist of sports coats and jackets. One set of Shirts and trousers should be of neutral colors to match different coats. Other set may be matching with individual suits. To flaunt different looks every time, one needs to be tricky enough to know how to mix match dress, accessories and footwear.

5.1.1 Tips on Men’s Wardrobe Must Haves

You need to have collection of various types of shirts such as formal, button down, dress shirts etc. The fabric or material of the shirts is very important. Good quality cotton or linen shirts for summer or day purpose, silk or sweatshirts for winter and evening wear, suit the purpose. You need to get formal pants with basic color such as black, blue, gray etc. Purchase suits, tuxedos, jackets, coats for serving different purpose. Collect elegant looking classy ties to match with your formal wear. Designer suits are great after completing the basic clothing line for the closet. The custom made suits are also great option offered by www.mensusa.com. The fitting of the suit is the most vital element to appear good and the custom made suits offers you the preferred look that makes you attractive and desirable.

5.1.2ardrobe Essential after Clothing

Men need to concentrate on necessities of footwear and accessories. One must have a good pair of formal black shoe and black belt as they go with any kind of dress. They should select a cufflinks and belts. Shoes may be many depending on shape, design and color. A range of shoes would include a boot and an informal shoe. Black and brown are the favorite colors. Other colors like light brown and burgundy are also popular.

5.2 Latest trends in shopping – Online purchase

Due to the busy and hectic lives, individuals have little time to spare for shopping. Therefore, online purchase is a big hit around the world. Most online portals bring a host of collection of men’s formal wear. Moreover, the list of clothing is endless on online portals. Men’s attire is available in all sizes which might not be available in other retail outlets. Men get to sit around at one place and get all the clothes they want and that too at just one click of the mouse. The list of fabric is unlimited. There are linen, camel hair, wool, leather and a lot more fabric to choose from in formal clothing.

One of the most important reasons for men to turn up to online purchase is undoubtedly the variety. As men spend most of the time in their workplace, they require a pretty good collection of formal wear. There are numerous options available in suits, coats, jackets, trousers and even shoes. There are single or double breasted suits, sports coats, pinstripe or vintage suits, sharks in suits, tuxedos, fashion suits, shoes and belts. There are even a huge variety of blazers available that are perfect for all year round. Men get to pick up the necessary attire and can match up with the entire range of accessories. Most of the online portal dealing in men’s wear brings a collection of accessories that include cufflinks, belts, and ties.

The products are of the best brands and are of very high quality that provides comfort and style both. The tall or fat men often find it difficult to get the right formal attire, but the online portals bring in tall and big suits for them.

In www.mensusa.com, every item is explained to the customers to reduce the chance of wrong purchase to minimum. Some very exclusive items too may be found in this online store which every man would like to possess.

6. Conclusion

Dress for a man is a serious affair. One needs to give it proper importance. A perfect wardrobe is one of the factors for success.

There are different types of clothes for different situations of life. One needs to intelligently stock his wardrobe to present himself in right attire.

Buying cloths may be a expensive unless done in a smart fashion and till you have the proper knowledge of the style of clothing that can suit you as well the as occasion. One can go to market and check out the stocks. Online stores provide great stuff along with deals and discounts. For a transparent and win-win purchase, www.mensusa.com remains the preferred option.

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