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Choosing a cowboy style boot depends upon the purpose you want to buy. If they are for working then there is a different material but if it’s for showing off, then some more exotic material is chosen. Cowboy boots are used for two purposes. One is for work and the other is for play. Cowhide leather is a popular choice for cowboy boots. It allows your feet to breathe; it is durable, comfortable and less stinky. Cow boy boots are made up of various things. It is made up of ostrich skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, elephant skin, eel skin, alligator skin, anteater skin, bison, shark, etc. One of them being men’s lizard boots is usually preferred for its shine.

What Made Its Existence?


The original inventor of cowboy boots is still unknown. According to several different stories, it was concluded that either a shoemaker in Kansas or the one in Texas made it. After the civil wars the cowboys who were driving the cattle, felt that they needed a different kind of a shoe. They wanted a shoe that could last for long hours. Thus, from then cowboy shoes became famous.

Cowboy shoes were always custom made, but as they became more in-demand, various companies emerged with the idea of capitalizing it in the market and making it available to the customers. Our online portal inundates you with variety of men’s lizard boots including other cowboy shoes, crafted with artistic hands to make your feet breathe like never before.



There are two different ways of constructing cowboy boots. It is welted or cemented. In the welted, the upper part of the boot is stitched to the stole. In the cemented, the upper part of the boot is glued with sole. There are numerous procedure followed to make these boots.

Our online portal provides you with the best computer fancy stitched men’s lizard boots. Various designs and styles are crafted and are made available in our e-store.

Lizard boots


Buying men’s lizard boots is very easy and quick. These boots are great for the “urban” cowboy and also the traditional cowboy. It pairs well with suits or dresses. The lizard boots are made up of alligator lizard skin or a horn back lizard skin. The alligator lizard boots produces an extra shine because of the hard tiles on the surface. The horn back lizard cowboy shoe on the other hand has different pattern tiles on it. Our online portal welcomes you with these kinds of exotic materials that would add panache.

Boot care


Purchasing a boot and keeping it aside without any proper care, will make your boot loose its shine and texture. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of the boot you buy. Since these boots are made up of various animal skins, frequent maintenance is required.


• Wiping off the dust- it is very important to wipe off the dust. As boots are made up of skin, it will react in the same way as the skin does. Dust settles on the creases of the boots, so make sure everything is wiped out.


• Applying a quality conditioner- it is crucial to apply a lather conditioner on the leather. Once it gets dried, it should be buffed with a soft cloth. This instantly gives a shine to the leather and your boot’s longevity increases. The life of the boot automatically gets extended if these simple steps are adopted.

Our online portal has varied colors men’s lizard boots. Colors like black, black cherry, brown, tan, chocolate, peanut brittle lizard are available. It is important to choose the right boot for your feet. A stylish yet comfortable boot is what our e-store provides. It totally depends upon the taste of the person to choose the style.

Old is gold


Since 1880’s, cowboy boots have been used. More and more people are grabbing on to what many have known ages back. There is a unique pleasure when you wear the right cowboy boots. With its availability in various colors and skins, these boots can never be old. It makes you look different and it is very easy to become an eye catcher. Cowboy boots arouses a nostalgic aura of a time. Even the celebrities are now wearing the leather cowboy boots and have set a new and a latest vogue.


Our online portal will let you save hundreds of dollars on this fine footwear. By just a mouse click you can explore different shoe designs, colors, and sizes to give your feet a new comfortable look. Mens lizard boots help in appreciating the traditional indulgence of western gentry. It is thus proved that old is gold and cowboy boots will always be in trend no matter how much the competition is. A man with a cowboy boot will surely make a difference in the crowd.

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