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Seersucker Suits are the Ultimate Style Mantra


It can really be difficult for some men to pull off seersucker suits with elegance and style. These are usually made from a crinkled light fabric which is generally cotton. These also come with an alternate pattern of stripes or checks in white or some other shade. For those who wish to team it up perfectly there are certain points to be remembered, after all no one wants to look like a nerd.

The history of these suits can be traced back to 1909. Although due to its low cost it appealed to the working class, however, it soon became popular among the gentlemen class too. Even at present, these suits haven�t lost its charisma. These suits have also found their righteous place in the pop culture too. Many celebrities were seen sporting these suits.


It is wise to go for a color that is soothing and doesn�t make people stop and look at its wearer. These seersucker suits for men usually come in shades with white stripes and also red, peach, pink and aqua. Keeping these shades is best for those that wish to turn heads and be the cynosure of attention. However, the best shades are grey- white, blue- cream or white or white- brown. Avoiding yellow, green as well as other darker shades are the best.

Secondly, selecting a shirt that goes well with the suit is also important. Any light color or a white shirt can do the trick and never ever go wrong. Shirts that come with patterns are also a big NO. These patterns clash with the sample of the suit. To maintain the style quotient of this suit it is advisable not to wear a polka dotted shirt. It spoils the style. Shirts with wide collar should be avoided instead shirts with conservative collars should be chosen. T-shirts doesn�t go well with these suits so wearing it should be avoided and dropped from mind altogether.


Picking up the right tie too is essential as over crowded patterns can clash. It is best to go for conservative or solid patterns. Neck ties although looks great with these but bow ties can also give it a new look.

Not to forget even belts play a crucial role. Whereas, brown belts are the best choice, white belts is a big NO NO.

But an advantage of these stylish suits is that they can be paired with any kind of shoes from tennis shoes with green seersucker suit . Every accessory looks great with these. If there is a lot of confusion as what to pick, any light color buckskin lace up looks great. Usually this is the traditional option.

Choosing the right accessory to go with it is also necessary that compliments the look and also doesn�t demand a lot of attention.

The key to a good suit is its fitting. Therefore, choosing the right size and the right fitting is also essential in order to look the best.


The seersucker suits are perfect for many occasions as well as seasons too. There are a number of advantages of wearing them. These suits help to stand out in the crowd when properly worn. A traditional one paired with a white shirt is ideal for banquets and dinner parties. To sport a casual look, these can be worn beneath a polo or sports shirt.

- These suits are perfect for the summer season. They can be teamed up for a sports meet, annual conferences or just a party. It helps a lot in heat dissipation as well as air circulation as the fabric is 100% cotton.

- An advantage of these suits is that they do not cling to the body at all. The wrinkles in them prevent them to do so. These can be a must have for both men and women�s wardrobe. If wearing suits in the summer, the seersucker suits are perfect as they help stay cool in the summer heat.

- without matching pants. It can be teamed up as only a sports coat.


There are some more tips to be remembered when sporting seersucker suits at any occasion

These should be teamed well with non black ties especially during the summer season.

Some of these suits can be cleaned in the washing machine. Therefore, it should be allowed to drip dry in order to prevent it from shrinking. As these suits remain to be a little wrinkled, a little touch up with the iron is enough.

A mix and match style can also be created with the suit, the jacket can be worn with a jeans or other pants. The pant can also be worn with some other jacket to create a new appearance.


Before buying seersucker suits a number of considerations like color, cut, lapels as well as gorge should be taken into account. Light colors are best as it maintains the theme of the suits. But the solid colors too can be chosen. These suits are usually three or two buttoned single breasted suit which is made to look quite simple. The common form of lapel is the notched one, sewn around the collar of the jacket. It produces a stepping effect. Peaked lapels are found in the double breasted suits which are extra formal for these suits. Those who are tall should go in for shorter gorges while those who are short should try the taller gorges.

Lastly, the seersucker suits are associated commonly with warm climates and summer season. They are mostly seen at parties and outdoor gatherings. Therefore, those who wear it knowing the comfort it provides. Therefore, the buyer should keep these factors like color, cut, gorge etc. in mind when teaming it with other accessories and garments. By keeping these factors in mind, the prospective buyers can definitely make the right choice without much of a difficulty.

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