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Get a Classic Look with Derby Hats

Derby hatsWhat is popularly known as Derby hats in USA is referred to as bowler hats in Europe - particularly England. The derby is a dome-shaped tough hat with a curled small brim and is traditionally made with stiff felt to provide proper protection to the head. The Derby hat was most popular during the 19th century and was usually worn with suits or overcoats and was indicative of male power.

The tradition of wearing Derby hats dates as far back as the Royal Ascot races in the UK, which began in 1711. In fact, the trend of women wearing Derby hats was first started by Queen Anne. This led to the formation of a strict dress code for the races which included women wearing hats.

In the United States, lovers of the Kentucky Derby adopted the hat tradition since 1875. But the fun fact is Kentucky Derby is actually a horse racing event and not a celebrity hat fashion show. Celebrities love the tradition and social flair of the Kentucky Derby and people love seeing what style Derby hats their icons are wearing.

Derby hatsThe Kentucky Derby, held annually at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is renowned for its bold and colorful spring fashions as much as for its famous horse race. Derby hats are worn as an accessory of the event and a big, bright Kentucky Derby hat can indeed grab attention.

You can either buy your Kentucky Derby hat, or you can make your own using a simple straw hat and related embellishments from any craft store. Ribbons and bows enhance the charm of your derby hat and you can purchase a roll of wide ribbon from your local craft store. Use glue or straight pins to attach the ribbon around the base of the hat above the brim.

Feathers will certainly provide a high-fashion look to your derby hat. Buy a package of brightly colored feathers or a feather boa in a radiant color from a craft store. Glue or pin the feathers around the base of the hat and make sure to use adequate individual feathers so they are visible over the brim of the hat.

Flowers are a remarkable way to add a touch of spring to your derby hat. You can buy silk flowers to decorate the base and brim of your hat, or use a small wreath of real flowers to encircle the entire base. In fact, you should use large flowers such as gerbera daisies, lilies and sunflowers.

Derby hatsDerby hats do provide a classy look and more so, if you follow the few spring/summer trends. With exciting trends popping up for summer, choose a Shimmer hat with some glossy detail-like a sleek ribbon. Lace Derby hats are still in vogue though evolving more into an antique item. Lace would be a good choice, or if you are overly fashion conscious, go bold and choose a hat with a lace veil. If you are a dare devil and want to appear daring, opt for a bold colored exotic Kentucky Derby Hat.

If you want a hat to match your looks, you can pay a professional designer to make one of the exotic Kentucky Derby hats. Kentucky Derby hat that matches your personality will boost your confidence and you will be able to strut around with pride. Many celebrities have hats designed specifically for them to appear unique and you can do the same. There are many online suit stores that sell wide collection of Derby Hats.

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