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Dinner Jacket Suit

Dinner jacketsDinner jacket is a timeless style. It would never be out of trend. In fact, celebrities may it be young or old, local or foreign; they'd still sport it on the red carpet. Hanging on its reputation of being classic, dinner jackets aren't only worn on formal occasions but also on usual get-togethers. Since the trendy generation of this era goes back to the retro styles, dinner jackets could still cope with it. Anyone could put a modern twist to it.

Dinner Jackets are usually made in black. Since then, black is the most common color used by men when wearing dinner jackets. Black is the color that's easiest and usually safe to pair with any color. Normally, those who'd wear dinner jackets in black, pairs it with over a white crisp shirt. Make sure that the crisp shirt has a collar. Most of the fashion critiques despise crisp shirts without collars because they think it ruins the complete traditional over-all dinner jacket style. Also, if you've decided on wearing a dinner jacket, you may think of wearing a tie or a bow. Ties and bows, obviously, need a place to hang on.

Regarding dinner jackets being usually black, the color Midnight Blue could be a good option for its color. It's not usually worn but it really looks good. Another is White. White Dinner Jackets are worn on tropical climes since white is a very good reflector of heat, while black absorbs heat, making it a no-no for day use.

Traditional or Classic Dinner Jackets are usually comprised of 4 button 2 fastening double breasted or one-button single breasted front; a peaked collar and silk satin covered lapels, pocket flaps and buttons. The shirt worn over it could have double cuffs and wing collar. Pin-tucked fronts and covered buttons are very well favored. The trousers could be black with satin or grosgrain side will do. Clean-look trousers would be the best choice; no back pockets, belt loops and vertical side pockets. Waistcoats and cummerbunds are used too. Cummerbunds are trending these months. It's also usually worn in black for highly formal occasions. For simple get-togethers, maroon or jewel tone silks could also be used. If you've decided to use a waistcoat rather than a cummerbund, you must use the low-cut U or V shaped; double or single breasted in black or white color. Since we'll be using black trousers, the good choice for the shoes' color could be black, tan, camel, or oxblood. Highly polished brogues are a good choice too. As for the socks, black fine wool or silk socks may be worn.

Since Traditional Dinner Jacket is widely used by men, accessories could help you stand out of the crowd. The accessories include:

  • Ties
  • Pocket Square
  • Gloves
  • Wristwatch (Time Piece)

Dinner jacketsThe tie that's acceptable (ONLY) is the black silk bow. It's very classy and it's the second thing a person would look at after the dinner jacket itself. Dark Jewel Bow ties are the ones used for less formal occasions. You may even pair its color with the color of your cummerbund. Even a hue could work the attire's magic. Pocket square- white handkerchief in linen, silk or cotton must be worn. If you'd ever consider using gloves, it should be white silk. But for less formal occasions, you may not wear it anymore. Gloves aren't a requirement, but it's your choice if you want to use them. As for the timepiece, it's not usually worn if you're going to push through with dinner jacket attire. Visible timepieces aren't use, for another reason that timekeeping is not a priority during formal events. Instead, a slender plain watch or pocket watch is used.

For the finishing touch, proper posture, right manners and the confidence must be well projected too. A simple smile could also help you stand out from the rest.

No matter how good you've put together your style for an event, you wouldn't look good if you won't exude the right aura. For what did you style for then?

Dinner Jacket Suit for the Modern Era:
Since you're now well aware of the traditional over all attire for a dinner jacket suit, it would still be hard for you to play mix and match just to make it look cool, modern and trendy. Just imagine turning the James Bond look into Chad Murray red carpet attire. Murray once used a wide peaked lapel dinner jacket suit over a fuchsia silk long sleeved top, with the hem of the sleeves extending under the black dinner jacket. He looked really great! The important thing when pairing dinner jacket suit with shirts is the fabric. Murray used a smooth, metallic-looking fabric for the jacket.

Note that dinner jacket suits are originally black in color. So you have to pair it with striking metallic colors. If you want to keep it low and simple, you may pair the jacket with light- colored shirts. If it's plain or if it doesn't have any prints on it, you may use long necklaces. Thin, gold necklaces may be used if you'd be wearing simple, light-colored shirts. You may want to try ethnic-inspired necklaces, to give it a bohemian feel. If you preferred using shirts with prints, make sure to unbutton the jacket. Don't use necklaces because it might over-style your attire.

Dinner Jacket Suits are meant for formal occasions, so if you want to modernize it, make sure that it wouldn't keep much formality to it.

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