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What to wear at the Time of Formal Meetings

Fashion statements always undergo a change in tune with the changing times. The trends change fast in all patterns of dressings. Formal wears also are not an exception to the vibrant vibrations and cloth connections. One has to be formal in dress to suit the demands of the situations. When you dress in formal attires, you send a signal of grooming. It is a manifestation of your personality - the way you have been brought up and the principles you adore in your life. If your appearance is pleasant, it communicates a great first impression about you. Then, start the dialogue of minds and the debates of thoughts. Formals acquire importance because of this first impression. To create an impact certain man made rules have to be followed.

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One should not wear a transparent shirt. A thick shirt made out of a standard fabric is the right choice. The quality of the cloth is important despite it's slightly higher price. With reference to the color of the shirt, avoid gaudy and flashy colors. Go in for light mil colors. White is the most preferable color for attending an interview or a meeting. If the shirt is pure white, it is the best selection. Pastel shades like white, cream, sky blue, sandal yellow - these colors suit for all occasions like official parties. Stripes are okay. But, not checks. The size of the shirt is another important factor. It need not be a tight fitting shirt since you cannot wear a tie. A lose garment gives a fancy look and you become a comedy specimen. So avoid both. Buttoning the shirt fully should not be forgotten.


As for pants, pastel shades are forbidden fruits. The standard colors like off-white or light brown are recommended. Light-colored pants are the preferred lot. It should be perfectly matching - not lose, not tight.

Shoes & Socks:

The color of the shoes must align with the color of the belt. A belt is an in-thing for formal occasions - not to be ignored. Black and brown are the recommended colors for belts and shoes. In business meetings or boardroom consultations, "what to say" decides your success in the profession. Likewise, "what to wear" also decides your influence on the society. Business meeting are of two kinds - casual and professional. Your attires should be different for both the occasions.

Where the Meeting is Casual (For Guys):

For casual meetings, you need not wear a business suit or fancy attires. Take care that you maintain good dress sense - but not to the scale of outwitting your superiors so as to block any ego fixation. You should look decently-dressed with light colored slacks with a not-too-shiny type of leather belt. No tie for casual occasions. You nee not button you shirt all the way to the top - leave one or two buttons at the top. Undershirt should be worn.

When the Meeting is Formal for a Guy:

You have to see that you are dressed up in a fancy suit. You wear a fancy tie. Be simple. Don't get over-dressed up. Take precaution so that your dress shirt is neat and tidy without any wrinkles. Press it well. The dress should fit properly without giving a look of being too lose or baggy. Your hair style should be brushed and properly groomed. You should not give the impression that you are coming from street functions.

If the Meeting is Casual (For a Girl):

Please don't overdress. Be simple and at the same time, elegant. You should not wear jeans to a casual meeting. Instead, you can wear a nice shirt and a nice pair of slacks. Generally, keep it plain and simple. A t-shirt without any writing on it in decent colors can also be recommended.

If the Meeting is Formal for a Girl:

Try a pant and shirt or one with a skirt. Make sure you come dressed up to a formal business meeting with proper hair-do. Pony tail is not forbidden as it is simple and hassle free. You can apply lipstick also. Mild make up to a person is also recommended. Also put on some fancy earrings.

Your sartorial elegance speaks for your aesthetic tastes and your personal quality. As Shakespeare says in, "Hamlet", "For, The apparel, oft, proclaims the man."

Your preferences should be the basis for your promotions. Now, go ahead with your plans.

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