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Men’s Black Suit USA

Men’s Black Suit USA

Men’s Black Suits for Interviews

In Men’s suit, black suit is a most often associated with formality and elegance. Wear black suits to formal events, formal evenings and life cycle events such as weddings, communions etc. Note that tuxedos and tails are almost always black to provide an air of elegance and sophistication.

When you select black suit, try to wear a pale blue shirt or a shirt with a soft pattern for soften look. Wear a tie with a pattern, not a solid color. Avoid formal ties, with too much black, white or silver.

Interview Dress Suit Colors

In choosing shirts and ties, some colors are more risky than others. If blues and grays could be said to be "professional" colors, then reds and pinks are more creative colors.

Wearing a dash of red or mauve in your tie is perfectly acceptable for formal business attire. Spend the time to make sure your tie looks great. An attractive and well-tied tie can make the difference between a plain professional look and a sharp professional look.

Jackets and Pants

  • Mid to Dark colored suit
  • Solid Navy or Grey is best.
  • Stripes are appropriate only for higher level executive positions
  • Black suits are more formal and simple.

If you do wear black suit, soften the look with a blue shirt, pants must match with jacket. Pleated pants have a more classical look. Flat front pants have a slimming, modern look, but not advisable for larger men.

Select appropriate Style for Men’s Black Suit

Complete the professional look

Bring a conservative briefcase or leather binder should put everything you need at easy access: Reference letters, resume copies, notepad- High quality pen: Simple, nice, not overly ornate.

Men’s Black Suit: Suit Pants

  • Mens suits details about the pants are the drape, the pleats and the cuffs.
  • Drape of the pants over your lower body should be smooth (no bulge or creasing especially under the waist area) and floats over your legs.
  • The rise, a portion between crotches to waistband is important to take note as well. Ensure that the length of the rise complements your height.
  • Taller men will suit higher rise while shorter men should settle for lower rise.
  • There are 3 types of pleats to choose from: single pleat, double pleat, and pleat-less flat front.
  • You can also choose either to have the usual pleats or inverted pleats.
  • Cuffs are upward folds made at the end of the pants. It is recommended that your cuffs be 1½ - 1¾ inch wide depending on the men’s overall size.
  • Generally pants cuffs look better on taller man. There is a tendency to make shorter man look even shorter with cuff pants. Make sure the cuff at the pants end fall with ease without too much gather.


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