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Tips for mens double breasted suit

arrow Caring Tips for Traveler Men’s Clothes

Caring Tips for Traveler Men’s Clothes

Men associated with business or in the field of sales or marketing needs frequent traveling for the business meeting or for other important work. Businessmen need to travel for short time or for long time. In such tours they need to attend important meeting, conference etc. and for that they need perfect dress suits to make good impression to their associates.

Men should know how to take care of their important clothing like different types of suits such as single breasted, double breasted suit, two/three/four buttons suits, shirts, jackets, ties, accessories and other clothing while traveling.

Caring Tips:

  • As soon as you reach your hotel or destination place, first of all unpack your luggage.
  • Hang up your clothes such as suit coat, jackets etc.
  • Avoid using wire hangers for clothes like suits double breasted. Use wooden type or wishbone type hangers.
  • Trousers can be folded over the center bar. Small wood trouser hangers with felt pads to prevent the trouser cuffs from wrinkling.
  • If you don’t have time to press your clothes than hang a suit in a steamy bathroom and then dry it in a cool room, it is a good way to remove wrinkles.
  • Double Breasted suit with good-quality travel press can also work the wrinkles out for long time.
  • Men’s Double Breasted suit with freshly press looks always better than press at the time of packing.
  • Try to avoid dry-cleaning a suit double breast unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • For dressing care of shirts do not dry clean dress shirt.
  • Cotton dress shirts surrender their fresh, linen like crispness and eventually turn gray if regularly dry-cleaned.
  • Never allow a partially soiled dress shirt to be pressed; the heat from the iron can permanently make the dirt into the fabric.
  • To care your shoes, if the shoes have been soaked, keep them away from heat, which can crack the leather.
  • Stuffing shoes with newspaper will draw the moisture from the leather. Once they have dried, buff them with a soft cloth.
  • Shoes must be polished for protection and appearance. Wax, which shields the leather against the elements, should be the first layer applied to the shoe.
  • Polish is used only to achieve surface luster and should not be used as a substitute.
  • Do not take your shoes out into the rain without first making sure they are protected by a good coat of polish.
  • You should also polish the stitches of the shoe's welts; this helps to waterproof them.

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