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 Tuxedos  :: Girls Fascinated By men's Suit Why?
Why girls are fascinated by men in suit?
There's obviously something about the well-suited, well-booted men that a lot of females go crazy. We all have our set of challenges when it comes to wearing suitsthat go well with our body types. But if chosen well, the right suits can hide the features we like less about ourselves and highlight the better ones. Fashion Suits

What is there in these suits that charm many girls of all ages and grades? What is there in these suits that charm many girls of all ages and grades? Well, these suits come with two important aspects that make the girls love them. Firstly, some girls wish to see their men make their own style statement to stand out from the crowd. Secondly, girls feel that men in suits are far more impressive than those in any other type of clothing.

The fact remains that women judge men based on their appearance and looks. Before they can get to know the man, they only have visual things to judge the man - his clothes, his height, his body language etc. Most girls admit that they feel proud to see their men in suits though they are unable to offer any specific reasons.

For eligible girls, men are just like any other product waiting to be sold and in order to be bought they need great packaging! It all comes down to women's evolutionary instincts: find the best mate for them and their unborn children. When a man is well dressed, it signifies his ability to provide for her and her progeny

Mens suits A man need not be rich and powerful to wear a nice suit. Well tailored suits indicate that the wearer is a man of who values quality. A man who pays attention to his dress, such as a good suit, conveys that he is serious about success. By wearing a nice well tailored suit in the right color, a man can let a woman know that he is a man with status and a man who could provide for her and her children

.Girls will be less attracted to tall men if they are in suits with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes including pinstripes tend to accentuate the height. Horizontal stripes and windowpane plaids are better suited patterns for tall men. As suits with three buttons tend to lengthen the body, opt for one or two buttons. Girls will be attracted to short stature men when they wear suits with pinstripes and other stripes and dark solid colors as they visually heighten the body. Also, two and three buttoned suits with long lapels will give a flattering, longer silhouette. .

Girls became fans of men in suits that men had to store a number of suits in their wardrobe. Suits gained a huge popularity among girls and became trendsetting male costume with its neat and elegant looks. With the passing time, the craze for men in suits is increasing among girls in this modern world. It may be summer or winter, girls never care; they wish to see their men in suit. Girls love a guy in a graceful suit - they are particularly enamored of suits that have a button front and of light shade during days and dark shades in the nights..

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