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Men's High Fashion Suits

The international trends in men's fashion have undergone dramatic changes in recent times to cope with the present day demands. For instance, Men's high fashion trousers feature much heavier fabrics such as canvas, visible zippers, and big commodious pockets for holding all the cell phones, MP3's and other required electronic gear. Trousers are offered in a variety of patterns. You'll be able to choose checks, windowpane, Glen paid, or country tweeds.

Two button jackets with high stance are replacing the earlier three buttons in both business high fashion suits high fashion and sports jackets. One does come across even one-button high fashion suit in some designers' lines. Pinstripes are the major pattern in spring high fashion suits with some Glen paid getting attention.

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Casual belts have smaller buckles with elaborately detailed leathers such as distressed leather, engraving and texture. Extra-large bags in canvas or exotic leather are usurping the briefcases. These bags are the need of the hour to carry your cell phone, palm pilot, laptop, lunch box etc.

The international trend in swim wear is on to solids with cargo pockets of longer lengths. They come with prints of floral and dragons and fun colors like orange, red, lemon yellow and even white!

Superfine wools are featured along with linen blended with almost every other fiber. Garments in linen/cotton, linen/cashmere, and even linen/denim combinations are the ones most sought-after. Lightweight suede is popular for shirts. The high-tech trend is expected to continue with spill proof, no wrinkle fabrics, and washable suede and leather.

Sunglasses for spring and summer have turned especially masculine, replacing the unisex styles of the past few decades. Blue fashion suits continue to be the dominant lens shade, but brown is strongly competing for popularity. Even though the big hit are Aviators, plastic frames are slightly more popular than metal. Shoes with pointed toes in brown are the rage in men's footwear

Men's designer clothing is borrowing trends and inspiration from across the world and works magic transforming sedate looks into high fashion.  The recent trend in men's designer clothing is playing with all types of macho military styles - ranging from the subtle to the overt. Valentino's black trench is one part naval officer, one part international spy, and the total effect is both cosmopolitan than macho. Bottega Veneta is more overt. The Veneta jacket with its fur collar and rugged, militaristic good looks is reminder of the fly boys of the 1940s.

When it comes to selecting the best clothes to wear for wedding, men are less fastidious considered and less fashion-conscious of the two sexes. But lately, men are beginning to change with more and more fashion designers showing off tempting designs and collections on their runways.

Leggings are a new trend in men's fashion that is creating waves all over. and these are meant to be worn in public, without any other coverage. Marni, the Italian clothing company, recently put on display leggings for men. The undergarment-like item was paired with sport coats and low-cut leather boots.

While the latest fashion trend may seem outrageous to some, male leggings may still easily break into the mainstream. With some trendy men already sporting women's jeans, it seems 'tight' is becoming the new catchword men's fashion world

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