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Italian Mens Suit Fabrics

Fabrics used in Italian men's suits

Italian tailors depend on good quality fabrics for making Italian men's suit. About few decades ago, wool was the only fabric used to make men's suits in Italy . Wool fabric was not a good fabric to be worn during summer, this made men greatly uncomfortable. The jacket was made up of wool sometimes mixed with synthetic fibers. The lining inside the suit were made up of expensive material silk. The stiffeners were made up of stiff linen or cotton.

Nowadays, new types of fabrics are used to make men's suit more comfortable to wear. Materials like cotton, linen are as summer suits. Other materials used are silk, Teflon-covered synthetic fibers, micro fibre, polyester, and for lining synthetic fiber like acetate is used nowadays. The stiffener is replaced by thin paper like sheet of fibers with glue on one side.

While buying men's suits few things must be kept in mind.

  1. The right fabric: In spite of new advanced synthetic materials available, high quality worsted wool is considered as good quality fabric for Italian men's suit. Fine woolen men's suits are manufactured in different finishes, quality, and weights. For summer, cotton and linen are good. For casual occasions, microfibre is most suitable fabric and looks great when worn.

  2. The suitable Suit: A suit is worn to give an air of success and sophistication. It is designed to make you look better and leave a good impression. Though a suit looks good everywhere in the shopping malls to dinner parties. It is very important to wear right suit for right occasions. Suits such as business suits, wedding suits, interview suits, or travel suits must be chosen according its purpose.

  3. Color and Style: It gives haphazard results by wearing wrong colored suits. Colors play an important role in creating a good impression on others. Dark suits with pin stripe give power and authority image. The dark colors include blue, black or grey suits with pin stripe. Beige color is good for spring and summer. For wedding, the dressy men's suit is perfect wear. For traveling, wrinkle free fabrics such as wool are great. Those who wear suits infrequently can buy all purpose suits with colors such as navy, grey, or black. The grey suits are great with patterns and creates a non-controversial atmosphere.

  4. Well Tailored Suits: Well fitting suits leave a lasting impression of you. A well tailored will enhance your personality and help in creating a positive image of you. Fashionable suit without comfort is worthless. The suit must be appropriately comfortable to wear.

  5. Jackets and Pants: The single breasted jacket gives a slimmer look and the double-breasted jacket gives the broad and mighty look. Jackets must be close to body but should not give wrinkles when buttoned. When wearing a two-button jacket, button the top button only. The three-button jacket must be buttoned either in the middle only or on the top two.

    Mens usa offers various kinds of mens wear with suggestions as the pants must have minimal pleats as too many of them give pants a dressy look. For formal occasions, cuffed legs are good as they add weight to the suits. The uncuffed pants are good for informal occasions. The pants must be worn from the waist not from the hips. The pants must end and break slightly at the top of the shoes, not reveling the socks.

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