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Italian Men's Suit

Men’s Italian suit caters the mature sophisticated look of man. The high quality Italian suit caters a corporate look, with suits that will remain in style for years to come. When you need to look your best, a navy Italian suit or black Italian suit definitely show style.

Types of Fabrics for Men’s Suit

Types of fabrics for men’s suits are Wools, Tweed, Flannel, Polyester, Worsted Wool, Super 100's Wool, Super 110's Wool, Super 120's Wool, Super 150's Wool, Cotton, Linen etc.

WOOLS for Men’s Suit

Wool is the most popularly selected fabric for men’s suit. Wool looks natural and also great to boot.

The four types of wools are as follows

Worsted for Men’s Suit

Worsted wool is best fabric for mens suits. Worsted wool is mid-weight, durable, wear well and usually fine for year-round wear, little lighter or heavier, depending on the weave.

You might hear about high-twist, Super 100 Men’s Italian Suit, Super 120 Men’s Italian suit , Super 150 Men’s Italian suit etc are the suits made of worsted wool yarn. These suits are made of worsted wool yarn that has been twisted more often than the usual 60-80 twist fabrics make it a finer cloth of a lighter weight. Men’s Super 120 worsted wool Italian suit would be perfectly suitable for summer, spring and fall but not advisable for winter. In general the more threads per inch mean the softer, lighter, and higher quality of the fabric.

Tropical for Men’s Suit

Tropical is usually a kind of wool crepe is a lightweight fabric. It is good to wear in summer, the sort you might wear in warmer climates. In this type of material chances for wrinkling is more hence require frequent dry-cleaning.  It is not every day kind of suit fabric.

Tweed for Men’s Suit

Tweed is advisable at the places where permanent chill in the air. It is a very heavy wool fabric for men's suit dress. Tweed is not advisable where atmosphere is hot or moderate.

Flannel for Men’s Suit

In non-tweed wools Flannel is the heaviest fabric. It is durable fabric for men’s suit. It is suitable in Italian pinstripes suit in charcoal gray. Though it is not an ideal fabric for mens suit, it might little hot in most office environments.


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