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 Tuxedos  :: Italian Men's suit
Italian Men's suit

Other Fabrics for Men’s Suit

Cotton for Men’s Suit

Cotton is most popular choice for men’s suit. If you live in a warm place cotton is a great alternative look to wool. Men’s cotton suits dress that have a little lycra or something that gives it stretch allows suit to keep it’s shape and will prevent the color from fading more quickly.

Linen for Men’s Suit

Linen is good for the tropical places. Linen wrinkles quickly, stains, and doesn’t wear well. Generally it is not acceptable for men's suit.

Polyester - Wool Blend for Men’s Suit

A nice compromise between the 100% polyester and the 100% wool is the poly-wool blend. Although not as nice as the 100% wool this tuxedo is recommended over the polyester because the fabric doesn't have as much sheen. It is more durable than your 100% polyester for men's dress.

Super 100 Wool for Men’s Suit

Super 100’s wool fabric is considered as high quality fabric for men’s suit. The main difference between Super 100’s wool and Standard Worsted wool is that Super 100 series is more softer, higher quality and perfectly suitable for anyone’s personality. Super 100's Series contains 100 threads per square inch. Super wool 100 Men’s Italian Suit is considered as good quality mens suit.

Super 150 Wool for Men’s Suit

Super 150 Wool is more soften fabric than Super 120. Super 150 Men’s Italian suit is considered as best quality mens suits and famous personalities mostly prefer these types of fabrics for their suits dress. Super 120's Series contains 150 threads per square inch.

Some Terms use for men’s suits and Dresses


  • Notch lapel: Notch lapel is Triangular indentation in lapel.
  • Shawl collar: Shawl collar is rounded lapels.
  • Peak lapel: Peak lapel is V shaped lapel that points upward.

Jewelry for Men’s Suit

  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks is set of 2 pieces which fasten a formal shirt's cuffs. It should always be used with formal shirts.
  • Studs: Studs is set of 4 buttons like pieces that are used in lieu of the button down the shirt. It should always be used with formal shirts.
  • Button Cover: Button Cover is larger piece which is used in lieu of a bowtie. It is used with a mandarin or cross wick style.

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