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Men's single Breasted Suit USA

Information about Men’s Single Breasted Suit

General tips for Suit

  • Wear a button-down shirt and dress shoes when you shop for a suit, or plan to try them all on at the store. 
  • Once you know your size, consider ordering online then have a tailor do any alterations. 
  • To prevent bunching, the single-breasted jacket should be completely unbuttoned while the wearer is seated.
  • Your first suit should be solid navy, single-breasted or double breasted if you are large. Your second suit should be solid charcoal or "oxford" gray, also single-breasted. For a third suit, with a mid-blue or gray, or even olive colored ensemble. You might also want to choose a pinstripe, a little thicker, as well as a double-breasted jacket. You could also look at heavier or lighter wool. All of these are acceptable options for a third or fourth suit.
  • A few elegant suits make all the difference for perfect wardrobe. Always remember that, the quality of fabric dictates the price of a suit. The Super 120 wool is one of the most expensive materials commonly used. Today, suits are made in various fabrics, both natural such as wool, linen, etc, as well as others such as polyester blends, micro-fibers, spandex etc.
  • Fabrics: While fabric does attract, one of the most important things to consider in a suit is its silhouette. Most suits are made to last for several years, so a suit which is extreme in silhouette is more likely to go out of style before it lives out its life. Linen is a luxurious fabric and is generally used for summer suits as it is stylish and lightweight but it wrinkles, stains easily, and not advisable for traveling.
  • It is important to follow trends, it is equally important to consider classic styling.
  • Suits are characterised by standard, rich colours, sharp fits, and of classic styles.
  • Vent: Vents are the flaps of cloth below the waist, at the back. They should cover entire rear end. A larger individual should choose a jacket with two slits, while a thinner man should opt for one with no slits.
  • Cuffed pants look better on taller men. For shorter man, avoid them altogether.
  • Buttons: Choose a two, three or four-button jacket; the style currently is a three-button jacket and it always looks better to leave one undone.
  • Five or six-button single-breasted suits look bold and more suitable for taller people.
  • Four-button suit should be worn during important meetings or interviews.
  • A suit jacket goes with suit pants, not with jeans or chinos. If you want a casual jacket, buy a sport-coat or a blazer.
  • Color: The Standard Blue color is great for business, lunches, summer dinners, or casual parties and can be worn with black or brown shoes. Standard blue means navy, with no room for paler shades. The Classic Gray is appropriate for everything. Grays also are the best with patterns, especially anything in the chevron family. Start with plain, move to window-pane. Even such, the gray is never controversial. The Basic Black is favorite and the perennial classic, the perfect compliment to a good white shirt. If you only own one suit, this is it.

The various types of Single breasted men's suits are as follows

Two Buttons Single Breasted Suits

Three Buttons Single Breasted Suits

Four Buttons Single Breasted Suits

  • 4 buttons Black single breasted men's suits
  • 4 buttons Navy Blue single breasted men's suits
  • 4 buttons Charcoal Gray single breasted men's suits
  • 4 buttons Tan men's single breasted suits
  • 4 buttons Olive Green single breasted suits
  • 4 buttons Brown men's single breasted suits
  • 4 buttons Black Pinstripe single breasted men's suits
  • 4 buttons Navy Blue Pinstripe single breasted men's suits
  • 4 buttons Charcoal Gray Pinstripe single breasted men's suits


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