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Men's Tan Suits

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Tips For Wearing a Mens tan Suit and Making It Look Good Yes. A guy can make a tan suit work easily. The color is not the most important thing. The most important thing is how a guy wears the suit. We have 6 tips on how a guy can make a mens tan suit work and still look cool.

1) The last button should always remain open. Yes, you see women buttoning all their buttons, but that is the way they wear them. Men need to leave the last button alone.

2) Do you plan on wearing a mens tan suit? You need to wear a dark colored shirt underneath. You do not pair light with light. That is one way to make the mens tan suit look awkward.

3) The shoulders need to hug the body. Loose shoulders on mens tan suit do not look right. I have seen men wear a loose suit and look awful. Some think they are being cool. Some like to think they are part of the "Zoot Suit Riot" or something. Far from it, actually.

4) You need to pick out a tan color that matches your skin complexion. You also need to wear it at the appropriate time. Wearing it to the office is a right time.

5) Do you plan on wearing a tie? You need to pick the right color. No stripes! You also need to have it come to or just above the belt buckle. Ties that go beneath the belt buckle look sloppy. It looks like you do not know how to dress. Did you know that the coat also finishes at the buckle/wait?

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